Afternatal/Postnatal Checkups

It is usually expected that almost all female will have a regular physical check up, typically around 6 to 7 weeks when the birth of their baby. Typically, often noted because the ’6 week postnatal check’, however, in some circumstances the appointment may be postponed until 7 to 12 weeks, either because of suitability, or to coincide with sure tests (such as a pap test), or to aid the insertion of an IUD, which may be suggested to be delayed until around now.


The temporal order of the routine postnatal check isn’t really critical (unless you’ve got worries that need to be addressed) and there are no set rules as to which specialized you must opt to perform this check. Many women will search out unlike caregivers (from their personal caregiver, or hospital) to perform their postnatal check either because of suitability, personal preference, or in some circumstances because that they had an unpleasant proficiency with their caregiver, who was complicated with the labour and/or birth. Many female will select to not attend their routine postnatal check, particularly if they want things square measure going well and they don’t would like any specific tests performed or to organise birth control.

If you have got a precise health concern (or knowledgeable one within the pregnancy), like polygenic disorder, high blood pressure, epilepsy, a mood disorder, heart or uropathy, or cholestasis, you will most likely got to make sure you do have a postnatal check. Looking on the treatments, any medications you’re taking and your care, you may get to build 2 appointments around this point. One appointment to check the specialist medical practitioner who is caring specifically for health condition, similarly as a doctor, or women’s health nurse for the repetitive postnatal check.

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