CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis)

The use of CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) has radical the flexibility to review and perceive spermatozoon function because it relates to humanoid infertility. The foremost advances are within the ability to a lot of accurately verify spermatozoon concentration (counts) and motility (movement). Generally, spermatozoon is “looked” at by a processed digitizing pill through a magnifier. The computer has been “taught” by the laboratory personnel what spermatozoon appear, and the way they move. Once the computer “sees” a spermatozoon underneath the magnifier, it’s ready to draw a digitized image of every individual spermatozoon, together with the speed and path this spermatozoon takes whereas moving underneath the magnifier.
An excellent deal has been learned concerning the traditional and abnormal “micro” characteristics of spermatozoon using this technique. The strategy is, however, not fool proof. The computer is as intelligent as its programmer. Little changes within the program will alter the spermatozoon calculations considerably. The computers should perpetually be monitored and rationalized. In most research laboratory, all grossly abnormal CASA are perpetually verified by repeat analysis yet like a “hands on” human review opinion. We tend to feel that any abnormal spermatozoon count should be verified by a manual count and assessment technique.

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