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Reproductive Endocrinology

Obstetrics and gynecology (are typically abbreviated to OB/GYN, OBG, O&G or Obs & Gynae) are the two various surgical medical spheres dealing with the feminine reproductive organs in their pregnant and non-pregnant state, respectively, and in and of itself are typically combined to form one medical science and postgraduate training programme.

Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive endocrinology can be defined as a branch of medication that identifies and treats sterility in both men and ladies. Within United States Seventeen per cent of all pairs can face fertility problems, and plenty of are going to be diagnosed with a generative disorder. Several infertile couples value more highly to see a generative specialist once deciding upon fertility treatments. The reproductive endocrinologist can determine the factors concerned to infertility state and choose the suitable strategies to treat these factors.
Our team of enthusiastic and committed endocrinologists showcases a number of the foremost noted fertility consultants within the country. Systematically on the innovative of fertility treatments and technology, our physicians are committed to providing superior care to any or all patients facing these problems.

Scanning with Color Doppler

Doppler scan is defined as a special scan that uses black and white or colour pictures to look at the blood flowing through the foetal membrane between the placenta and also the baby.

  • Doppler scan could be a non-invasive check differs from the conventional ultrasound therein a rather completely different sound wave is employed that bounces off moving red blood cells and shows the speed rate at that the cells are travelling.
  • Doppler scan may be done at an equivalent time as that of ultrasound; an equivalent instrumentation is employed to measure the blood flow in varied body components like the canal, liver, heart and brain.
  • Signals of various colours seem on the screen that helps your doctor assess the baby’s health
  • Totally different lights can then be analysed by the machine. Among jiffy and therefore the check is over
  • Doppler scan is typically conducted between week twenty nine till the delivery
  • Doppler scan is accustomed to check if baby is anaemic
  • Doppler scan has additionally replaced animal pigment count that is employed to search out if a rhesus-positive baby wants a insertion.
  • If the placenta isn’t functioning to its optimum or if the baby isn’t growing tolerably, doctor could use the Doppler scan to envision on blood flow within the wire or in baby’s body. Your doctor can then decide if early delivery is critical or alternative medical prospects are evaluated
  • Female with high risk pregnancies together with those with low waters levels, carrying twins sharing identical placenta or carrying babies are low for dates or not growing at the correct pace
  • Trendy ultrasounds have the Doppler operate that permits the sonographer to press a button and find a specific vessel.

Hormone Assays

A woman’s fertility isn’t apparent just in terms of mucous secretion, or ovaries or tubes. The advanced relationship between the brain, hypothesis additionally the ovaries, also must be studied. It’s typically essential to live the degree of the assorted hormones within the body, which play a vital role within the management of biological process (ovulation).

  • Why hormone assays compulsory?Infertility treatment proceeds as a holistic methodology. A woman’s fertility isn’t professed simply in terms of ovaries, or tubes or mucus. The complicated relationship among the brain, pituitary glands conjointly has to be studied. It’s typically essential to rate the degree of the assorted hormones within the body, which can play a vital role in the ovulation control.
  • How to determine the normal production of these hormones?Your progestogen level should be at the extreme level at the mid-point of the level of the cycle, between ovulation and the next amount. This is often a sign that ovulation had taken place. a low progestogen level at this point of the cycle (about day 22 of a twenty eight day cycle) indicates that ordinary ovulation in this cycle has not occurred. This, in turn, could also be joined to inadequate unharness of both F.S.H. and L.H. from the ductless gland. A basal vital sign chart with a short phase of but eleven days may also indicate inadequate progestogen production.
  • What will hormone assays tell the doctor?There are definite key hormones that are concerned within the whole method of biological process. These are Follicle stimulating internal secretion (F.S.H.), LH (Luteinizing Hormone), steroid hormone and progestin. Additionally, another pituitary internal secretion referred to as luteotropin will interfere with the conventional pituitary secretion of F.S.H. Disorders of the endocrine gland may also adversely have an effect on fertility. F.S.H., steroid hormone and internal secretion levels will be terribly helpful in indicating the reason behind the drawback and thereby recommending a specific line of additional investigation or treatment.


This treatment is offered only by few clinics in India. Immunology includes various treatments and test, which has to with immune system of patient in pregnancy time.

  • Why should I undergo tests and treatments on immune systems?If you’ve got had continual miscarriages, some doctors assume your system is also rejecting maternity. Generally, your system fights off invasive cells that have a unique genetic pattern to yours. These invaders will embrace viruses or transplanted organs. A craniate in your uterus additionally contains a completely different genetic pattern, as a result of it carries the father’s genes likewise as yours. So, in a traditional maternity, it’s thought that your body will one thing to prevent the craniate being rejected – in different words, to suppress the conventional response. However, there’s no convincing proof that immune rejection of the foetus will really ever happen in female with fertility issues.Natural Killer (NK) cells ordinarily facilitate the body fight infections in immune system cells. The concept has ascended that Natural Killer cells is also assaultive the foetus as an intruder. The doctors could recommend testing your blood for top levels of NK cells and so victimization medicine to suppress the action of those cells.
  • What are the various tests offered?Some clinics provide blood tests to an extent of NK cells in your blood and the way effectively they kill encroacher cells. However these blood checks can solely measure blood NK cells and can’t test female internal reproductive organ NK cells. There’s no sturdy proof that the quantity and activity of NK cells within the blood says something concerning the quantity and activity of your female internal reproductive organ NK cells.So these tests and any treatment supported them, square measure in their youth and there’s little scientific proof to point out they’re effective.
  • What treatments are offered their possible side effects?
    Treatments include:
    • High-dose steroids
    • Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg)
    • Tumour necrosis factor-a (TNF) blocking agents.

Pregnancy Loss Evaluation Service

If you’ve got had 2 or additional miscarriages, should be concerning to have confidence in having a physiological state loss analysis at Mannat to find out about treatment for a doable underlying cause. The Pregnancy Loss analysis Service at Mannat offers assistance to couples managing perennial physiological state Loss (RPL).
The team at PLES is made from board certified physicians within the specialty fields of procreative endocrinology and infertility, and maternal foetal medicine. The PLES workers works in conjunction along with your obstetrician/gynaecologist to manage your care and make recommendations as needed for foetal observance during physiological state. This team works together to work out the most appropriate treatment for each patient.
RPL is one amongst the most frustrating problems within the medical field for both physicians and patients. Although not explained in 400th of patients, RPL can be treated once a cause is discovered. In addition, a cheap analysis supported check results will facilitate patients avoid unproven treatments that will have vital health risks. Studies show that additional couples achieve achieving a healthy physiological state after they have an adjunct health care team observance their progress

If you have had two or more miscarriages, you should think about having a pregnancy loss evaluation at Mannat to find out about treatment for a possible underlying cause. The Pregnancy Loss Evaluation Service at Mannat offers assistance to couples dealing with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL).

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Facts

Miscarriage can be termed as the loss of a gestation throughout the first twenty weeks by affecting female at some purpose in their life. Of all diagnosed conceptions, around 60% don’t continue before they even implant in the uterine cavity. Most trimester miscarriages are instigated by random body errors that occur in the first stages of growth. Alternative frequent causes of miscarriage include:

  • Patrimonial genetic drawback in the male or female
  • Female internal reproductive organ
  • Abnormality
  • Secretion disorder
  • Disease

Though a foetal heartbeat once 7-8 weeks is encouraging, RPL patients still are at higher risks of breakdown from pregnancy than the overall population. Therefore, an intensive evaluation and comprehensive treatment arrange square measure crucial to a sure-fire outcome.
Miscarriage is typically a accidental event, not a proof of current reproductive drawback. If, person had one miscarriage, possibilities for future sure-fire pregnancies are better.

Risky factors for pregnancy loss

  • Cocaine use
  • Increasing age
  • Cigarette smoking
  • High caffeine use
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Exposure to certain chemicals
  • Viral infections during pregnancy
  • Family history of recurrent miscarriage
  • A previous child with abnormalities or defects

Miscarriage is not caused by:

  • Exercise
  • Nausea
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Blow to the abdomen
  • Use of heated water beds
  • Exposure to computer monitors
  • The mother’s emotional state or a sudden fright

Oocyte Banking

An embryo is described as an egg that has been permeated with spermatozoon, turning into a cellular organism. Once the embryo has developed to a precise level it will be cryopreserved (frozen) and kept at sub-zero temperatures for future use. Oocyte Cryopreservation – Oocyte (egg) temperature reduction is that the cryopreservation (freezing) of feminine eggs that are regained straight from a woman’s ovaries. Frozen embryos and eggs will be thawed years later and utilized in fertility treatments like IVF.

Reasons to Cryopreserve Embryos & Eggs

Numerous couples have embryos or/and eggs enduring when IVF treatment. Most couples like to not discard their reproductive tissue. Once IVF is successful and a maternity is achieved, the pair is also prepared for a second kid simply some years later. The cryopreserved embryos or eggs are often thawed out at a later date and used for in vitro fertilization. The results are slightly below with recent specimens; however embryo and egg state change offers couples the possibility of obtaining pregnant over once from one cycle of female internal reproductive organ stimulation.

Egg (oocyte) storage is additionally a great tool for female that are pending advanced reproductive age or have medical situations like cancer which will have an effect on fertility. Storing frozen eggs offers females the chance to reserve their fertility till they’re able to grow their family. New progressions in egg freezing expertise has created a lot of pregnancies by frozen eggs doable than ever before. If a feminine is detected with cancer before reaching pubescence, it’s doable to freeze and store gonad tissues to be used within the future.

Embryo Adoption

The technology has advanced a lot and found solution many issues. One of the most complicated issues, infertility, has also got solution. That is called embryo adoption. The term ‘embryo adoption’ has become familiar to most of the people. It is a kind of third party reproduction. People consider it as a new way of adoption. Embryo adoption is meant for people who face trouble in achieving a successful pregnancy. Embryo adoption is done in order to provide an opportunity to assist people who want to conceive. Embryo adoptions are even done on an anonymous basis. In such cases, the donor and the recipient will not be known for each other. Open basis donation is also done, where the donor and the recipient will be known each other. Genetic parents are free to select the adoptive parents if they are undergoing for the process through an agency. The terms and conditions are negotiable within the two families. Before entering to the process, a detailed check-up of the recipient will be done in order to decide whether she is eligible for the process. Once all the formalities are over, the procedure will be performed further. The embryos to be transferred will be created during an IVF cycle. Following the embryo creation, it will be placed in to the uterus of recipient woman to facilitate pregnancy. The recipient woman who gives birth to the child will have the right to own the child thereafter. The principle used for embryo adoption is same as that of egg donation or sperm donation. Embryo adoption and Embryo Reduction in Bangalore can be done as a service of an individual fertility clinic or by any of several organizations.

Ovulation Induction

If fertility testing displays that a female has an ovulatory drawback, and a medicine like Clomiphene citrate doesn’t lead to formation, alternative fertility medications could also be used to persuade vesicle development and organic process. These medications are usually self-injected and usually prescribed by the specialist called as Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE)

Reproductive Cycle and Ovulation Induction

During female’s reproductive cycle in follicular phase, Gonal, Follicle Stimulating Hormone medications can be prescribed. Thus, FSH helps to produce eggs and also stimulates the growth of follicles in the ovary. Medicines including Ovidrel PreFilled Syringe and hCG are given on the 12th day of the cycle to facilitate the final step of maturation of growing eggs by triggering ovulation. Thus, eggs are released and very much ready to be fertilized. At this particular time, fertilization is done through artificial insemination or sexual intercourse. Artificial Insemination is performed usually when cervical mucus in woman are poor or when the sperm count is very less in man. AI is carried out to insert spem into the woman’s reproductive tract.

Egg Donation

A healthy egg is inevitable for successful reproduction to occur. For proper fertilization to occur, the woman produce egg & this is then to be fertilized by the sperm. In some cases, the egg might either be absent or must be of inferior quality. These conditions can decrease the chances of a successful fertilization. Methods like egg donation can be a boon in this regard. This is critical in process like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). In egg donation process, one or more eggs are donated by a healthy female. Egg donation might also be required in cases where the woman experiences menopause at a younger age. For those females who do not have reproductive organs like ovaries, these can be a beneficial method for having their own children. Necessity for this method can also arise due to the various damages to the reproductive organs. Egg donors can be broadly classified into 3.
  • Designated donors: These donors are either the acquaintances or relatives of the recipients.
  • Anonymous donors: These donors are not known by the recipients. These individuals are mostly recruited by agencies & programs.
  • Shared oocyte programmes: These programmes become relevant during IVF procedures. In such procedures, it is common to have unused eggs. These eggs may be used for 3rd party fertilization. This can also be helpful in balancing the expense incurred in IVF procedures.
A proper screening is to be done before performing egg donation. An IVF stimulation therapy is performed on the donor. After this, the egg is retrieved. The next step is fertilization. The healthiest embryo is then implanted into the uterus of the recipient. The uterine lining has to be proper in its function in order for embryo transfer to be successful. If this is also ok, the woman can now carry and deliver. The success rate of this procedure varies from 60%-80%. High success rates are encountered if a fresh cycle is followed by a frozen cycle.

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