Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Reproductive Endocrinology

Obstetrics and gynecology (are typically abbreviated to OB/GYN, OBG, O&G or Obs & Gynae) are the two various surgical medical spheres dealing with the feminine reproductive organs in their pregnant and non-pregnant state, respectively, and in and of itself are typically combined to form one medical science and postgraduate training programme.

Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive endocrinology can be defined as a branch of medication that identifies and treats sterility in both men and ladies. Within United States Seventeen per cent of all pairs can face fertility problems, and plenty of are going to be diagnosed with a generative disorder. Several infertile couples value more highly to see a generative specialist once deciding upon fertility treatments. The reproductive endocrinologist can determine the factors concerned to infertility state and choose the suitable strategies to treat these factors.
Our team of enthusiastic and committed endocrinologists showcases a number of the foremost noted fertility consultants within the country. Systematically on the innovative of fertility treatments and technology, our physicians are committed to providing superior care to any or all patients facing these problems.

USG Guided aspiration of pelvic cysts


In ultrasound or ultrasonography, high-frequency sound waves, unbearable to the human ear, are transmitted through body tissues. The echoes are recorded and remodelled into video or photographic pictures.

Ultrasounds pictures facilitate within the designation of a large variegation of diseases and conditions. The concept for ultrasound came from measuring device technology that makes use of sound waves to notice underwater objects.


Ultrasound is employed to form pictures of soft tissue structures, like the liver, gall bladder, kidney, heart, feminine generative organs– and even of babies still within the uterus. Ultrasound can even notice blockages within the blood vessels.

Ultrasound can’t be used for bones images because they are very thick to penetrate. In addition, the enteric tract of intestine and traditional lung tissue don’t seem to be easily identified with ultrasound because air or gas will interfere with the assembly of ultrasound pictures.

Ultrasound can be used with alternative analytical procedures or by itself.

What is observed in a renal ultrasound?

To determine the exact size, shape and position of the kidney, renal ultrasound is used.

What is observed in a renal/pelvic ultrasound?

The kidneys are examined by ultrasound to check their shape, size and actual position. The bladder may be evaluated to see the explanation for unexplained blood in the excrement or issue in urinating, or to seem for bladder stones.

Before pelvic or renal ultrasound

  • Drink only liquids such as black coffee, black tea, strained juice till the test is complete
  • Do not empty the urinary bladder till the exam is fully completed
  • The above procedure fails, it might result in delay or cancellation of ultrasound examination
  • The radiologist check bladder while it is full and when it has been emptied
  • The ultrasound test at least 40 minutes to complete.

Is there any side effects?

According to the studies, ultrasound is not hazardous and no side effects. Additionally, ultrasound will not use any radiations as that of X-ray.

Ultrasound Scanning including Color Doppler

A Doppler ultrasound uses mirrored sound waves to envision how blood streams via blood vessel. It helps doctors appraise blood flow via major arteries and veins, like those of the legs, arms and neck. It will show blocked or less blood flow through tapering within the major arteries of the neck that would cause a stroke. It can also reveal blood clots in leg veins (deep vein occlusion, or DVT) that would break loose and block blood flow to the lungs (pulmonary embolism). Throughout maternity, Doppler ultrasound also won’t consider blood flow in associate unborn baby (foetus) to examine the health of the craniate.


During Doppler ultrasound, a hand-held instrument (transducer) is passed gently over the skin higher than a blood vessel. The electrical device sends and receives sound waves that are amplified through an electro-acoustic transducer. The sound waves bounce off solid objects, as well as blood cells. The movement of blood cells causes a modification in pitch of the mirrored sound waves (called the Doppler Effect). If there’s no blood flow, the pitch doesn’t modify. Info from the mirrored sound waves will be handled by a laptop to supply graphs or footage that represents the flow of blood through the blood vessels. These graphs or footage will be saved for future review or analysis.

Colour Doppler.

Colour Doppler uses customary ultrasound ways to supply an image of a blood vessel. Also, a pc changes the Doppler sounds into colours that are overlaid on the picture of the blood vessel, which represent the speed and direction of blood flow through the vessel. Power Doppler could be a distinct kind of colour Doppler. Power Doppler will get some pictures that are onerous or not possible to urge exploitation customary colour Doppler. Power Doppler is most ordinarily wont to measure blood flow through vessels among solid organs.c

Pap Smear

A Pap smear, also termed a Pap test, may be a procedure to test for cervical cancer in ladies. A Pap smear involves collecting cells from your cervix the lower, slim finish of your female internal reproductive organ that is at the top of your epithelial duct.Pap-smear

Perceiving cervical cancer early with a Pap smear gives you a greater likelihood at a cure. A Pap smear may also detect changes in your cervical cells that recommend cancer could develop in the future. Investigating these abnormal cells early with a Pap smear is your enterprise in halting the doable development of cervical cancer.

Afternatal/Postnatal Checkups

It is usually expected that almost all female will have a regular physical check up, typically around 6 to 7 weeks when the birth of their baby. Typically, often noted because the ’6 week postnatal check’, however, in some circumstances the appointment may be postponed until 7 to 12 weeks, either because of suitability, or to coincide with sure tests (such as a pap test), or to aid the insertion of an IUD, which may be suggested to be delayed until around now.


The temporal order of the routine postnatal check isn’t really critical (unless you’ve got worries that need to be addressed) and there are no set rules as to which specialized you must opt to perform this check. Many women will search out unlike caregivers (from their personal caregiver, or hospital) to perform their postnatal check either because of suitability, personal preference, or in some circumstances because that they had an unpleasant proficiency with their caregiver, who was complicated with the labour and/or birth. Many female will select to not attend their routine postnatal check, particularly if they want things square measure going well and they don’t would like any specific tests performed or to organise birth control.

If you have got a precise health concern (or knowledgeable one within the pregnancy), like polygenic disorder, high blood pressure, epilepsy, a mood disorder, heart or uropathy, or cholestasis, you will most likely got to make sure you do have a postnatal check. Looking on the treatments, any medications you’re taking and your care, you may get to build 2 appointments around this point. One appointment to check the specialist medical practitioner who is caring specifically for health condition, similarly as a doctor, or women’s health nurse for the repetitive postnatal check.

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