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Women often get into unforeseen circumstances and difficult situations when they look for abortion in Bangalore. It is not easy to access legal and safe abortion facilities for women because of a lack of resources and clear medical information. 

It is always advised not to do self-diagnosis or take any abortion pills yourself, under any circumstances. Choose the best abortion clinic in Bangalore

At Mannat Fertility, we are aimed to help you in every step along the process to ensure a healthy and safe abortion. 

What is the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)? 

MTP or, simply, medical abortion is a procedure conducted by our MTP doctors in Bangalore for early termination of pregnancy. It can be done with abortion pills only within 9 weeks of pregnancy. MTP should have done at the best hospital for abortion in Bangalore. It destroys the fetus/embryo before it starts living out of the womb. 


Is Abortion Legal in India? 

Since 1971, abortion has been legal in India but only in some special cases. Considering the progress of medical science to make MTP one of the safest ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, the parliament passed the “Medical Termination and Pregnancy Act” bill. 


But there are only a few circumstances when MTP or abortion is legal – 

  • Failure of pregnancy due to miscarriage 
  • Poor Mental/Physical condition of a mother 
  •  Unhealthy fetus 
  • If woman get pregnant due to rape

In India, abortion can be performed only within 20 weeks of pregnancy under certain circumstances. However, it is up to the court whether it allows MTP after 20 weeks in a few exceptions. 

Whether abortion is done medically or surgically, it is a serious matter. Mannat Fertility is the trusted abortion hospital in Bangalore where we will study your case with due diligence and suggest the best treatment possible. We follow all the abortion guidelines issued by the government as an abortion clinic in Bangalore. 

Cost of Abortion in Bangalore

If you go for abortion within 6 weeks of pregnancy, you may usually be given medical abortion or abortion pills under the supervision of a qualified gynecologist or MTP doctor. Along with the cost of medical assessment and medications, you should also consider scans, diagnosis, tests, post-abortion care, and procedure. 

After around 8-9 weeks, you may have to undergo a surgical abortion. The doctors will recommend the best method of surgery as per your specific circumstances, physical needs, and weeks of pregnancy, for example, Dilatation & Evacuation and Dilatation & Curettage after 14-16 weeks, or aspiration abortion if it happens before 14 to 16 weeks. 

If you need further testing and scans due to your existing medical conditions or complications related to your medical history, it also adds up to an abortion cost. 

Why Mannat Fertility? 

Mannat Fertility is one of the well-recognized and trusted abortion clinics in Bangalore with years of experience and expertise in women’s health. Our MTP doctors listen to your needs and problems and come up with the right solution after proper diagnosis for the best results. 

We have a well-equipped laboratory, world-class infrastructure, and expert staff who is confident in providing effective and safe treatment. 

Solution of common health

Frequently Questions

During the abortion, a female has to face little pain but not so much. In the process of abortion, a doctor gives a normal narcotic to the female. There may be hampering after the process of abortion but only for few days. However, many doctors also provide some medicine to avoid pain during the abortion. Abortion will take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

First of all, abortion can be done in 5 to 10 minutes in most cases. But, it can be longer in some cases. The time and cost of abortion depend upon the time period of pregnancy and the size of a baby. If the baby is small and not developed properly then it will take less time with less money. If the baby is big and developed properly then it may take extra time with extra money.

Abortions are a completely safe and secure procedure for women. There are two types of abortions like as: • Medical abortion: - In this abortion, an “abortion pill” given to the patient by a trained doctor or nurse. • In-clinic Abortion: - When the abortion pill gets failed then this type of abortion comes into existence. This abortion is done by trained doctors or nurse in a health centre or in a clinic.