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Azoospermia Treatment

Azoospermia Treatment

We Provide Holistic Azoospermia Treatment in Bangalore

Many men go through a medical condition wherein the semen they ejaculate, contains very less or inadequate amount of sperm. This condition is known as Azoospermia which affects about 5% of males suffering from infertility related issues. Normally, this condition occurs when a man’s sperm production capacity is affected or because he has some kind obstruction or blockage in his reproductive tract. Alternately, Azoospermia could be due to both the factors mentioned above. Mannat Fertility offers top quality Azoospermia treatment in Bangalore.

At Mannat Fertility we use the standard classification of this condition into two broad categories – obstructive and non-obstructive for Azoospermia treatment in India.

In obstructive Azoospermia, there is no problem with the production of sperms in the testicles. The problem is with the flow of the sperm out of the penis due to an obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tubing.

In non-obstructive Azoospermia, there is no obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tubing for the semen to flow out of the penis, but there is a problem with the production of sperm in the testicles. In such cases, the amount of sperm produced is either very low or none at all. The quantity of sperm that is produced too less to make its way out of the testicle, from where it can be retrieved only via a surgery.

What causes obstructive Azoospermia?

There are quite a few factors that cause obstructive Azoospermia but the main factors can range from genetic to congenital or it could also be acquired. For specialized Azoospermia treatment in Bangalore, Mannat Fertility is a trusted name.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that has been found to be one of the most common causes of obstructive Azoospermia as it stops the flow of sperms by interrupting the sperm ducts.

Sometimes, the testicles, prostate glands or reproductive tract gets infected and that can also cause obstructive Azoospermia. Such infection can result in blockage of the small tubules of the epididymis or the ejaculatory duct. The infection could be due to venereal diseases like Chlamydia, or it could be due to prostatitis, epididymitis or orchitis. Mannat Fertility has a specialist doctor for Azoospermia cases of this nature.

Obstructive Azoospermia is occasionally caused by congenital conditions wherein the patient is born with such conditions. For instance, a man could be born with certain defects, e.g. a portion of the vas deferens are missing which is a genetic condition similar to vasectomy; or he may have been born with a cyst in the prostate, resulting in blockage of the ejaculatory ducts.

Other than vasectomy there are other surgical procedures that can lead to blockage of the sperm ducts, e.g. surgery of the urogenital organs or hernia. Mannat Fertility offers competitive Azoospermia treatment cost in Bangalore India.

When Azoospermia is caused by non-obstructive conditions

Unlike in the case of obstructive Azoospermia, it is genetic, congenital or acquired causes that lead to non-obstructive Azoospermia. These causes lie within the testicles or in the reproductive hormones that determine production of sperm. Mannat Fertility is one of best Azoospermia treatment centers in the country where such causes are easily detected and treated.

The genetic causes include imbalance in chromosomal density especially when it is lower than normal. It is also caused by dilution of the Y-chromosome which essentially defines male genetics

The incidence of varicose veins around the testicle is another common cause of non-obstructive Azoospermia and it is also much easier to treat effectively

The other causes are known as maturation arrest, cancer in the testicle/s and Sertoli-Cell Only Syndrome (SCO) or Germ Cell Aplasia (GCA), which are the most serious types of non-obstructive Azoospermia. Come to Mannat Fertility for the Azoospermia treatment in Bangalore.

Azoospermia or “No Sperm Count” (in simple words) is a medical condition in male partner. In this condition, as the name suggests, there is a lack of sperm count in semen. There are different types of Azoospermia – testicular azoospermia, post testicular azoospermia, idiopathic azoospermia and pretesticular azoospermia. Some of the major causes of azoospermia are hormonal issues, problems in sperm production, varicocele, testicular failure, and sperm not reaching ejaculation because of blockage. It can be caused due to health conditions and consequences like diabetes mellitus, severe illness, cancer treatment, sickle cell anemia, sperm autoimmunity, testosterone supplements, toxin or pesticide exposure etc.

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Frequently Questions

When sperm are not available in the man’s ejaculate then this situation is known as “Azoospermia”. Azoospermia is a sign of male infertility that causes from: • Some kind of inflammation and infections in the body • Vasectomy issue • Any surgery in the pelvic area • Treatment of these areas • Growth of a cyst • Genetic reasons • And other hormonal problems etc.

Treatment of Azoospermia is available at any infertility clinic. But, treatment is different according to the cause of Azoospermia. For example: • Any blockage can be treated through surgery • In case of hormonal problems, hormone treatments will be given to you. • In case of a varicocele issue, you have to go with surgery. It is required to diagnose the cause before treatment. The doctor will provide you with better assistance according to the cause.