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Top 12 IVF Truths No One Tells You About

Top 12 IVF Truths No One Tells You About

If you are trying to conceive a child but not getting results, it is better to go with the best ART (assisted reproductive technique) like in-vitro fertilization. IVF is an important and most popular technique to boost the chances of the egg’s fertilization. For men and women, IVF is an effective ART method that helps to assist in many ways. Each treatment indeed has both advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, you should know some facts about IVF before choosing it:

  1. No guarantee of having a baby: - In the process of IVF, it is not essential that you will definitely get a baby. Also, outcomes are uncertain because getting pregnant completely depends on the woman's age or other specific factors. Also, you can consult at the best IVF centre in Bangalore about these facts. 
  2. It takes lots of time: - Undoubtedly, IVF treatment takes lots of time. Usually, IVF includes cycles and each cycle has a long process to complete. Collection of sperm, egg retrieval, fertilization, and implantation are the steps of IVF treatment. Hence, these steps take lots of time to complete.
  3. IVF also affects men: - During the IVF process, men also have to experience lots of stress and anxiety. Males also get tensed about their partner's upcoming baby.
  4. Infertility is only a symptom: - In reality, causes of infertility are purely symptoms instead of diagnosis. Nowadays, IVF is one of the most effective methods to cure infertility problems as per the cause.
  5. IVF is known as a common event: - Due to unhealthy foods and age-related factors, couples are choosing IVF treatment to conceive a baby. It means you are not alone who is going through IVF treatment.
  6. It is not enough to get a positive pregnancy test: - If you get a positive pregnancy test, it is not enough. You can be happy only when you give a new birth to a baby without any serious complications. Until then, each step is crucial in the process of IVF treatment.
  7. There are chances of secondary infertility: - Most of the women give normal birth to the baby. But, it does not mean that she is free from any assisted reproductive treatments. Due to increasing age and other health problems, secondary infertility may be possible.
  8. There will be a feeling like a teenager: - After the completion of treatment, you may have to face several hormonal problems. So, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about these problems. Consult and adopt the right method for your health problems.
  9. IVF has negative impacts: - Fertility medications and each cycle of IVF may have negative impacts on your body. Headaches, hot flashes, pain in the abdomen, heavy bloating, etc are the negative effects of fertility medications.
  10. Early childbirth along with low birth weights: - If you are going to adopt IVF treatment for getting pregnant, there may be chances of premature birth. Also, your baby can be light in weight. 
  11. IVF treatment is stressful: - During IVF treatment, you may have to face lots of stress and anxiety. In other words, several health issues occur while performing the treatment.
  12. No surety of getting entertainment during treatment: - It is not sure that you will get entertainment while performing IVF treatment. So, it is better to get in touch with your partner to avoid stress and anxiety.


However, IVF treatment is the best and effective method for those couples who are not getting pregnant. Before choosing the treatment, it is better to ask all of the above truths to the doctors. They will clarify each of the things and then you can go through IVF treatment. Also, discuss your health problems with a fertility specialist to get a complete diagnosis and treatment. In reality, IVF helps thousands of couples to achieve a successful pregnancy.


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