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5 Ways To Increase Seminal Fluid

5 Ways To Increase Seminal Fluid

When it comes to male sexuality, most people think about penis shape and size. Semen, at times, may be a matter of concern, pride, probable anxiety, or complications. Usually, people do not think about semen or seminal fluid. 

You need to worry about it when it does not come out with pressure or your ejaculations do not produce adequate semen. It happens when you compare yourself with porn stars or you are unable to make your female partner pregnant. Adequate seminal fluid has enough healthy sperm that is essential for conceiving a child naturally. As a male of reproductive age, you should know about your semen, sperm health, and sexuality.   

Seminal fluid 

It is a type of liquid that comes out of your penis through ejaculation during masturbation or sexual intercourse with your partner. It contains sperm that fertilises a female’s egg in the fallopian tubes, leading to conception. 

According to reproductive health experts, only 5% of semen is sperm that your testicles produce. The seminal vesicles - two glands behind the bladder - discharges around 50 to 65% of the fluids that convert into semen. The prostate gland makes prostatic fluid and produces around 20-30% of semen volume.  

How to increase semen volume 

The volume of your semen completely depends on your lifestyle and diet. A few changes in your lifestyle habits can help you enhance your seminal fluid. Here are some effective steps to increase your semen volume:

1. Drink enough water 

Like other bodily fluids, the semen production in your testicles depends on how much water you drink. Dehydration or lack of water can lead you to have reduced seminal fluid. So, you should consume a lot of water a day. As per health experts, you should drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. Apart from water intake, you can take home-made fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated. 

2. Work out daily 

Regular exercises can help you boost semen production in your body. It is possible as it increases blood flow and nutrient supply to your reproductive organs. Apart from morning walk/jogging, you should focus on strength training to increase testosterone levels. You can perform leg passes, squats, lunges. Further, you can do kegel exercises.  

3. Put on loose undergarments/boxers

Tight outfits and undergarments increase your body temperatures around your testicles. Extreme heat is not good for your reproductive health as it lowers the level of testerone, male sexual hormone responsible for good semen and sperm health. To keep your testicles cool, you must avoid wearing tight undergarments and prefer to put on loose ones.

4. Increase eating foods rich in zinc 

Zinc is an essential mineral for enough semen production. When your semen analysis reveals poor semen and sperm health, you should focus on taking zinc rich food items. It will help you increase testosterone levels and semen volume. To take enough zinc, you can eat oysters, lamb, lean beef, and allied animal and plant based sources. 

5. Take semen volume enhancer pills made of natural herbs 

As per the available studies, herbs are better to cure most health issues in comparison with medicines. You should consult a herbalist, ayurvedic expert, or traditional medicine expert before taking herbal supplements to boost your seminal fluid. 

What you should do 

Usually, most of you have no idea about your semen, sperm, allied reproductive health issues. You should see a fertility expert when you notice your effort to make your female partner pregnant is not fruitful. At Mannat Fertility Clinic, we treat all male fertility issues after advising semen analysis and going through the report of the same.


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