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6 Ways To Boost Male Fertility And Increase Sperm Count

6 Ways To Boost Male Fertility And Increase Sperm Count

When a male is unable to make his partner pregnant then it is known as “Male Infertility”. Due to the poor quality or absence of the sperm, the male has to face infertility. But, males can boost fertility along with the quality of sperm. Here are 6 ways to enhance male fertility:

1) Do Exercise daily

Exercise is so important to maintain overall health. By doing exercise, you can improve the blood flow in your body. Daily physical workouts can help you in enhancing male fertility. Here are some additional benefits of exercise:

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  • You can increase the testosterone level by doing exercise on a daily basis.
  • It also increases the quality of semen in men.
  • Regular exercise can boost fertility and reduce the chances of infertility.
  • But, do exercise in limit otherwise; it may not be good for your health. However, you can also consult the best infertility doctor in Bangalore.

2) Reduce Stress

Stress, anxiety and depression are the major causes behind infertility in men. Most men are unable to gain a feeling for sex due to stress in the mind. According to the study, stress is not good for both physical and mental health. Keep remembering some points: 

  • Stress can decrease the desire for sexual satisfaction.
  • It increases the level of cortisol that has negative impacts on the testosterone level.
  • It is advised to take proper relaxation and prescribed medicines for your problem.
  • Take a complete nap of 8 hours a day and you can also get better assistance at the infertility clinic.

3) Use Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a natural remedy to cure infertility issues. It has been used in India as a medicinal herb. According to scientific research, ashwagandha has several benefits in treating infertility like:

  • It helps to increase the testosterone level and boost fertility in men.
  • It is best known to increase the quality and quantity of semen or sperm.
  • By using ashwagandha, you will not get any adverse effects on the body.
  • In case of any medical help, you must visit the nearest male fertility clinic.

4) Consider Maca Root

Maca root supplements are available in the market. It is derived from central Peru and is known as a famous food of plants. In boosting fertility, Maca root plays an important role because:

  • It helps to increase libido and fertility.
  • It improves sexual performance.
  • It boosts the confidence level along with productivity.
  • It also helps to increase sperm count.

5) Use Fenugreek Supplements

Fenugreek is a famous medicinal herb to cure infertility in males. This culinary herb is beneficial because:

  • Fenugreek helps to cure erectile dysfunction in men.
  • It increases the strength and stamina of the body.
  • It is also responsible for the increment of testosterone level.
  • Additionally, this herb is the best medicine to boost libido.

6) Avoid Alcohol

It is also another important thing to avoid alcohol or other harmful items. These things are not good for your sexual health and fertility. If you are not able to avoid alcohol then consult an best gynaecologist in bangalore.


Male infertility can be cured easily with the help of the latest technology. By taking the right treatment, you can also become a father and can live a happy life with your complete family.

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