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7 Yoga Poses And Exercises To Get Rid Of Dysmenorrhea

7 Yoga Poses And Exercises To Get Rid Of Dysmenorrhea

Women are champions when it comes to period cramps. Suffering from unbearable pain once every month is no joke and most women will work through that like it's nothing. Unfortunately, pain comes as a friendly pair with the menstrual cycle and there is nothing you can do about it. Some might try having pain-relieving medications, but those are harmful in the long run, especially when you are trying to conceive.

However, with some yoga poses, you can tame your pain quite a bit and get the physical strength to move on with the pain. Women feel a little low due to cramps and bleeding for days. so, they mostly avoid heavy exercise. But, trying out yoga and breathing techniques instead can solve most of your problems. So, let’s learn about the top 7 yoga poses to help get rid of dysmenorrhea or period cramps.

  • Cobra pose:

For this, you need to lie down on your stomach and keep your legs straight and feet together. Next, place the palms under your shoulder on the floor and push yourself with the help of your hands. Lift your shoulders, belly and head off the floor, and keep your neck straight, gazing forward. Make sure to lift the belly completely off the floor. Breathe and hold this position for as long as you can and now relax and move back to the original position.

  • Cow pose:

This pose is designed to help relieve tension from your back, spine and upper body. It further helps in relieving you from period anxiety and manages stress from the core. This yoga pose is perfect for calming you down and improving your mood.

  • Fish pose or Matsyasana:

It is a reclining backend fish exercise, designed purposely for period cramps. This posture helps in stretching out your hips, chest muscles and abdomen regions. This pose helps with period-induced fatigue. So, it is one way to revive your lost bodily energy and get the boost you need to go with your whole day. On the other hand, this posture relieves menstrual pain and also mild back pains.

  • Bound Angle pose or Baddha Konasana:

Everyone knows that the uterus contracts during periods, which can either lead to diarrhoea or constipation. The bound pose will soothe your digestive tract and relieves you from unbearable menstrual pains. This pose is further designed to stimulate ovaries and revives the energy level of your body during periods.

  • Child pose or Balasana:

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of period cramps, then this child pose is meant for you. It helps in flexing your reproductive organs and reduces menstrual cramps. It can further relieve you from joint and muscle pains happening during the period. The same Balasana pose helps in releasing tension from the shoulder, body and neck. It is one way to relax your body, resulting in good sleep.

  • Janu Sirsasana or Head-to-knee forward bend:

Another major exercise for period cramps, this forward-bend position helps in stretching out your hip muscles, groin and hamstring muscles. This same pose helps in stimulating reproductive and abdominal muscles. Once you have this yoga pose going on, you will start feeling relieved from anxiety, headaches, fatigue, period pain and even mood swings. This is one effective yoga posture against menopause symptoms as well!

  • Reclining Spinal Twist:

This particular yoga pose helps in stretching out your hips and lower back regions. This position helps in stimulating digestive organs and causing more blood to flow towards these areas. As a result, you can relieve yourself from period cramps and get to re-energize your body.

We are ready to help:

Our team of doctors from Mannat Fertility Clinic would like to offer you the best yoga postures to help get relief from menstrual cramps. If that doesn’t work, we have other medical services to take care of your needs. All that you need to do is get in touch with us and present us with your problem so that we can find a solution.

All it takes from your side is to give us a call at +91 87629 25555. Take your time to visit our website at and research our IVF treatment plans available.


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