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How To Cure PCOD Problem Permanently?

How To Cure PCOD Problem Permanently?

The PCOD problem is pretty common, and the great news is that by just bringing the right change in your daily life cycle, you will pave the way for the removal of the issue. We know it sounds a lot easier than done, but the below mentioned tips aren't that hard either to adapt to. The tips will be the answer to cure pcod problems permanently. Start it slowly, and gradually increase the pace, and even before you realize it, the prior conscious practices would have become a part of your lifestyle. 

Tips To Cure Pcod Problem Permanently

1. Say No To Too Much of Medicines 

This may be an unpopular advice, but believe us, we are saying this out of experience of seeing many patients. The medicines like contraceptive pills, antiandrogen drugs, etc just do more harm to the body than any good. Consuming the medicines in limit may be fine, but relying too much upon them could bring a lot of side effects. Also, these medicines don't get rid of the PCOD problem from the roots, instead they just pacify it. 

Thankfully, we have our own Indian ways of treating the PCOD problem permanently in the right way. It all starts off with your food, so make sure that you intake the right kind of food, as that will help in maintaining your hormonal balance. 

2. Right Kind of Food 

Ascertain that you get rid of the processed foods, and replace it with organic food items which are rich in protein, carbohydrates and veggies. Seasonal fruits should also be compulsorily a part of your food diet. The Indian foods; Dosa, Roti, Rice, Curry, and of course, how can we forget our own Desi Ghee, should be the choices that you should be opting for. 

3. Say No To Plastic! 

We know some of you may have been surprised to read this, but yes, it's a fact that coming in contact with plastic can worsen your PCOS condition. Wondering how? Well, without making it complicated for you: Plastic releases chemicals which have the potential to trigger the hormone balance. So, what shall be the approach? Simple, just try to replace more and more plastic containers, boxes, etc with steel and glass containers. 

This way, you will not only do good for you, but indirectly or directly, you would also contribute for the environment. If possible, try to go a lot more authentic and Indian by replacing your Aluminium utensils with that of items made out of brass, clay, or even iron. 

4. Exercise Can't be an Excuse! 

No matter how lazy you are, but if you want to actually get away done with PCOD issue, then exercise is a must! Let's take a look at few poses or types that you can adopt to improve the condition:

  • Start off with strength training as it's going to be quite beneficial for your ovaries. 
  • Normal breathing exercises like inhalation and exhalation can show significant improvements in the system. 
  • There are various Yoga poses and asanas too that you can adopt to improve the chances of fastening the treatment of the PCOD condition. 
  • The core muscles of your body play a very important role too, and if you train them right, you will end up strengthening the pelvic region. 

Moon Cycle! 

Now, what we are going to say may sound fictional, superstition, or even a joke to you, but we can assure that what we are going to say is quite authentic, and is based on the Indian ancient scriptures and practices only.

The 28 days moon cycle, and 28 days menstrual cycle actually has a direct linkage, and that number of 28 isn't a mere coincidence. By just sitting in the moonlight for a span of 20-25 minutes everyday will play a great role in bringing about the right hormonal balance. If you want, you may also place some covered food items or glass bottle (filled with water) in the night, in front of the moon for some time, and later on consume it. 


PCOD problem can be permanently removed within a max of six months only, but for that you will have to follow the above-mentioned tips pretty consistently. Once you show persistence in following the tips, we can assure you that even before you realize it, the PCOD or PCOS problem would have been completely eradicated from your body. For more tips and guidance, it's always recommended to get in touch with a gynaecologist, as they can properly answer further in-depth on how to cure pcod problem permanently. 


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