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7 Steps That You Should Take After A Failed IVF Attempt

7 Steps That You Should Take After A Failed IVF Attempt

IVF is one of the most successful assisted reproductive techniques to help couples keep their infertility aside and become parents of a baby. To get the best and most effective treatment, you visit an IVF centre. A respective doctor at the clinic asks you for a few tests after the held interaction with both of you (you and your spouse) and starts IVF cycles after going through the test results. Due to some circumstances, probably your medical history, you don’t get what you expected from an IVF treatment. There is no need to worry about your failed IVF, as you still have hope and options. Here are the steps that you should take after being failed in the first IVF cycle/attempt:

1. Know why you have failed IVF treatment

Yes, you don’t need to worry about having a failed IVF cycle. However, knowing why it has happened to you is crucial for you. It will help you what precautions and care you need to take in the next attempts. The success of IVF treatment depends on several factors. Your physical, mental, or medical issues might cause a failure in your IVF treatment. You might have IVF failures due to:

  • Your age
  • Family medical history
  • Low sperm count in your male partner’s semen
  • Poor egg quality

2. Take a short IVF break 

Having a failed IVF treatment in the first attempt is a very tough time for you and your spouse. First of all, you should take a break and talk to your family members, friends, and relatives to have some distractions from the treatment you are having. This will help you cope with what happened to you during and after the treatment. You can easily come out of the physical, medical, and psychological pressures/issues you have. Here is more on what you can do:

  • Read your favourite dramas or motivation books
  • Learn a few new skills or fulfil your hobbies such as dancing and new dish preparations
  • Go on a tour/trip   

3. Consult your doctor again to know what you should do now

For having a better and positive result in the next attempt, you must visit a doctor at an IVF clinic in your locality. A respective doctor is the ideal person to state what exact medical issues you have, what options are available for you now, and what you need to do in the next IVF cycle. The doctor may ask you for a few checkups again to offer the best advice and assure you of success. 

4. Avoid rushing into anything 

When you have a failure in your IVF treatment, you are in a very difficult time for you. At this time, you might have a shortage of options and may not have any hope left with you. Some of you may run after suggestions whatever you get from your family members, friends, relatives, and other known persons. You need to be more careful and stick to the ones that your doctor tells you. 

5. Be focused on what worked for you 

Having a failure in the first IVF cycle doesn’t mean you have no options left with you. There is still an option, the second attempt/cycle, for you. And before moving forward to the next cycle, you should inform your all well-wishers and request them not to interrupt you until you get pregnant. Being completely focused on the second cycle will make you more confident and it can help you have positive outcomes. 

6. Be ready for alternative options 

Having negative feelings or thoughts is not good for you and your IVF treatment process. However, you must be ready for other available options if you face another failure. You should talk to your doctor and other respective fertility experts to be sure about the available options. 

7. Look after your relationships 

IVF treatment is a long process. And you might go through 3-6 cycles. The long treatment process could be a toll on your relationship. So, it is crucial for you to value your relationship with family members, especially your spouse. To nurture your relationship, you should take a break from the ongoing treatment and try to stay in touch with all of your well-wishers. 


Countering a failed IVF cycle is not the end of your hope for being parents. Still you have many options and your doctor can help you in this regard. You can follow the steps mentioned in the write-up and what your doctor guides you. Gradually, you will move forward and you will have a baby in the future.    



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