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Are Babies Born From IVF Treatment Healthy?

Are Babies Born From IVF Treatment Healthy?

Not everyone is able to become happy parents. Conceiving naturally depends on your lifestyle, age and similar other factors. If you are over the age of 35 years or your partner fails to produce quality sperm, chances are high that you won’t be getting pregnant naturally. Moving on with IVF treatment is the only solution in such instances.

More about IVF treatment plans and natural conception:

To draw a conclusion, it is important to compare IVF treatment and natural conception. The point that is common in both is that these processes involve the fertilisation of eggs by the sperm.

  • The natural process takes place within the fallopian tube after sexual intercourse.
  • In IVF, this fertilisation occurs in a Petri dish in a well-equipped laboratory.
  • During the natural procedure, the formed embryo gets to travel to the uterus, where it will be implanted for pregnancy naturally.
  • Under the lab-created embryos, the eggs are implanted inside the embryo artificially.
  • After the embryos are implanted inside the uterus, the next phases are more or less the same as natural conception.
  • Therefore, the health of the IVF baby is not going to be at stake. These babies will turn out to be health and ailment free as any other baby formed through natural pregnancy.

IVF babies – do they have a higher health risk?

Per some of the preconceived notions, IVF babies are termed artificial and likely to fall more into high-risk categories. This is a clear misconception, even though IVF babies are born prematurely. In some of the worst-case scenarios, you have neonatal death. Moreover, neurological disorders and congenital disabilities are higher in IVF babies when compared to natural ones.

However, some research findings have stated that the factors behind abnormalities might be male or female fertility and the parents' age. It has nothing to do with the process by which babies are born.

Can you deem IVF babies to be healthy?

Well, the short answer is yes. IVF babies are as healthy as the ones conceived naturally. So, there are not going to be any short-term or long-term risks involved to their health.

  • It is because the process is harmless. But, IVF babies might differ in the way they are conceived, where the women have to undergo some fertility drugs in place of sexual intercourse.
  • The risk of any baby suffering from abnormalities in the general population is 3 to 4%. Recent studies have shown that the rate might increase by 1% if the baby is conceived through IVF.
  • Reputed IVF clinics have worked with thousands of couples, taking extra preventive measures to avoid abnormalities among babies.

So, it can be clearly stated that babies born through IVF treatment might have higher health risks, but only in rare instances.

What the research states:

Some research materials have concluded that the cognitive and general health development in IVF babies does not differ from the ones born without any treatment.

  • Other than that, separate studies were conducted on adults born through IVF. They show no sign of growth, heart, metabolic or respiratory issues.
  • The risk of any child with a defect in the general fertile population is around 3 to 5%. After one IVF cycle, the best estimate is that the defect rate increases by 1%.

There are very few cases where it can be seen that IVF babies are suffering from low birth weight. However, these shortcomings primarily depend more on the parents’ age and fertility and have nothing to do with the IVF treatment.

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