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Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Ovulation Day

Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Ovulation Day

As a female, getting pregnant and becoming  a mom is the one you usually want after enjoying your married life for certain times. And when you are trying to conceive, you are very eager to know everything around pregnancy, childbirth, and reproductive health. 

Your pregnancy chance on ovulation day is one of the queries you want to know while trying to get pregnant. Before getting an answer to it, you should know how a pregnancy occurs and what ovulation is. 

How does a pregnancy occur?

A pregnancy occurs when you make unprotected sex with your male partner without using any contraceptive methods. The sperm ejaculated into your vagina during vaginal sex meets the egg released by either of your ovaries during its travel to the uterus through the fallopian tube. After meeting with sperm, your egg gets fertilised and developed into an embryo after fertilisation. 

And the fertilised egg/embryo gets implanted into your uterus lining. The successful implantation is the beginning of your pregnancy. And you start noticing pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness and morning sickness after 10-14 days of implantation.  

What is ovulation?

As mentioned above, the meeting of egg with sperm is crucial for a pregnancy occurrence. The egg that comes out of either of your ovaries is caused by ovulation. Ovulation is a reproductive health process in which your body produces and releases a mature egg in every menstrual cycle. It takes place around the middle of your menstrual cycle. You have ovulation on day 14 if your menstrual cycles last for 28 days and are regular. 

Pregnancy chances during ovulation 

In general, ovulation time (a period of around 1 week) is highly fertile. And hence, getting pregnant during ovulation is higher for you. However, it can vary from one female to another. As per the findings of a few studies, chances of getting pregnant during ovulation are as follows:

  • Pregnancy chance 6 days before of ovulation - 0%
  • 5 days before ovulation - 10% 
  • 3 days before ovulation -  27%
  • 2 days before ovulation - 33%
  • 1 day before ovulation - 41%
  • On the day of ovulation - 20% 
  • 1 day after ovulation - 8%    

Pregnancy chance on ovulation day 

As per the above-mentioned data, your chances of getting pregnant on ovulation is 20%. This is a clinical data that could be higher or lower for you. Consulting a respective doctor and going through pre-pregnancy checkup, including ovarian reserve testing, can help you know your own pregnancy chance. At Mannat Fertility Clinic, we help females to conceive easily and carry their pregnancies successfully. 


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