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Does Birth Control Cause Infertility?

Does Birth Control Cause Infertility?

In today’s world, couples after tying the knot want to live a planned life. They plan almost everything - becoming parents and kid’s schooling for example - in their life to secure their professional as well as social stability and their childrens’ future. As a couple, you would have heard about family planning. 

When you think of family planning or you are planning your family, you alter the normal course of events in your life with medical intervention. Your gynaecologist advises different methods to you to select the one to delay your parenthood. The suggested methods are as follows:

  • Condoms - The use of condoms during sexual intercourse prohibits a male from ejaculating seminal fluid into his female partner’s vagina. The ejaculated seminal fluid is collected in the condom used at the time of vaginal sex. And hence, there is no meeting of egg and sperm that leads to pregnancy.  
  • Birth control pills - Usually, females have conception due to two hormones - oestrogen and progestin. The OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) or birth control pills females take to avoid pregnancy are formulated using these two hormones or just one, progestin. After the consumption of certain birth control pills, there is an interruption in the functionality of the pituitary glands. And due to this, these glands do not release LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). Progestin works as a protection cover around the egg and does not let a sperm cell enter into the egg. Further, progestin stops the release of egg from either of the ovaries. These pills help in delaying pregnancy and preparing a female’s body for IVF treatment.   
  • Birth control injections - Either male or female partners take birth control injections to delay the beginning of their parenthood journey. These injections have progestogen and oestrogen or only progestogen. As per their need, males or females take these injections every two or three months.     
  • Contraceptive implants - Gynaecologists advise females to have contraceptive implants like IUDs (intrauterine devices), copper T, or progesterone implant. 

Effect of birth control pills on fertility 

If you (females) take or depend on birth control pills to delay your pregnancy for a more extended time, you will take more time in reversing the effect of the pills. The normalisation of your menstrual cycle can take three to six months as you stop taking birth control pills. Your timing can be longer based on your response to medication. 

After the stop of birth control pills, you may experience heavy, less, or no blood flow. You have irregularities in your menstrual cycles that are temporary. Therefore, you may have temporal conception issues. In rare cases, you might have permanent infertility due to some pre-existing reproductive health issues. So, it is essential for you to consult a gynaecologist before taking any birth control pills or using contraceptive methods at your end.   

The regularisation of your menstrual cycle depends on your age and the duration of your birth control pill consumption. If you are 35 or older, the reversing effect of birth control pills will take longer. You should make efforts to conceive naturally for a year before consulting a fertility specialist.  


Consuming birth control pills interfere with the natural mechanism of a human body, especially a female’s reproductive functionality. After the stoppage, the resumption of natural behaviour takes time. As per the available studies, birth control pills do not cause infertility.


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