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Does IVF Yield Healthy Babies?

Does IVF Yield Healthy Babies?

Whenever a couple is trying to get pregnant, they usually start with the natural process. No one thinks of going for the IVF treatment right away! It is their last resort, especially when they fail to conceive after trying for close to a year. But, even with such positive results, people are still sceptical about the IVF treatment plan. The number one question they have in mind is regarding the health of the baby. Do you think IVF treatment results in a healthy baby? This blog post is going to answer your query.

The common question:

The most common question people have is whether an IVF baby is different from a baby conceived naturally. The truth solely lies in research and scientific studies. From what has been gathered, it is clear to state that IVF babies are as healthy as naturally conceived ones. However, there might be some disparities, which are pretty nominal in this case.

What to know about IVF babies:

Couples with infertility issues will mostly opt for IVF treatment as a viable option. But, if the child comes out with any congenital abnormalities, it is not always directly linked to IVF treatment. It can be the result of abnormalities in the eggs or sperm of the partners, which are involved and result in infertility as well.

  • Men, suffering from low sperm count, have the highest risk of having a baby with an abnormality. So, they always try to opt for ICSI. ICSI might have higher abnormalities risks when compared to IVF.
  • This issue won’t take place even in ICSI if the men do not have a lower sperm count. The probability of a fertile couple having a child with a genetic defect is around 3% to 5%.
  • The birth-based defect rate increases by around 1% for those going for IVF treatment plans.
  • But, some studies have shown that couples with infertility issues will have the same disparity even if they opt for IVF treatment plans.
  • At the same time, many couples who are going for IVF treatment are older people. Age will influence the fertility rate and can enhance the fetus’s chance to develop genetic abnormality.

It is vital to keep this concept in mind while analyzing the congenital abnormalities of any child via IVF treatment or any assisted reproductive technology or ART.

What the research shows:

Some studies have used questions and medical screening hours of every individual who has conceived via IVF. These studies haven’t found any evidence of growth, heart, respiratory or metabolic abnormalities among babies conceived via IVF. Even the ART conceived men have lower blood pressure. But, there are IVF adults who have reported suffering from asthma with growing age. Such was not noticed during adulthood.

Now for the imprinting disorders:

Imprinting disorders are those when the maternal or paternal genes are expressed mistakenly in an embryo. The risk revolving in the IVF population is around 2 to 5 individuals out of 15,000. For the general population, it is 1 out of 15,000 people.

Moving on with pre-implantation genetic tests:

Also known as PGT, pre-implantation generic tests will offer IVF patients the chance to confirm if their embryos test positive for a specified genetic disease. It is because maybe one of the parents has the disease or is targeted as the carrier. Such tests are presented before carrying out the embryos for implantation. So, doctors can avoid embryos with abnormalities beforehand.

Test and help from Mannat Fertility Clinic:

Our team from Mannat Fertility Clinic will provide all sorts of pre-implantation tests to ensure that every IVF baby comes out happy and healthy. We have been working in the IVF field for decades now and have gained positive experience throughout. So, once you have chosen us for the services, there is no looking back. You don’t even have to look for a secondary helping hand when it comes to IVF babies. We ensure that all our babies are healthy and your pregnancy process runs as smoothly as possible.

So, next time you are thinking of IVF babies, give us a call at +91 87629 25555. Our team waits to help you big time.


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