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Fertility Testing: A Guide For Couples

Fertility Testing: A Guide For Couples

Infertility is one of the most severe issues faced by couples who need a child or deserve to have one. Fertility tests for couples are one of the best solutions for this problem, for it is stated that 2.4% of the childless couples in India are infertile. To try and get pregnant, couples first have to go for fertility treatment to find out which of the assisted reproductive techniques is most suitable for them and causes the least harm. 

In this blog, couples will learn about basic fertility tests for couples that should be conducted and many other essential details that couples should know before going for an at-home fertility test for couples or at the doctor's. All these couple's fertility tests and more will be highlighted to help any couple that wants to conceive make that dream come true. 

Fertility Testing 

Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, if you are facing infertility challenges, the first step should be to find out what is wrong. This entails examining men and women and outlining a detailed person's history, lifestyle, and other tests. 

Fertility tests for couples are a stressful ordeal that is rather challenging for people to go through, regardless of gender. Before undergoing fertility treatment, it's always recommended to have a consultation session, which the IVF center provides.

  • Female Fertility Testing:- Fertility tests for women identify reproductive and health characteristics that impact fertility. This is a primary method of ascertaining the rate or frequency of ovulation and hormonal equilibrium of the body so that the doctor can develop the right treatment plan for the woman.
  • Male Fertility Testing:- A male fertility test focuses on two factors: male fertility, sperm quality, and the overall health of the sperm. Hormonal tests determine the concentration of hormones, especially those linked with masculine sexual health fertility hormones, including FSH, LH, etc. Blood tests are also done to detect the reason for the low fertility level, and these may include a genetic test or ultrasound

Types of fertility testing 

A fertility test for couples is a process where both the man and woman are taken through two different tests to determine the leading cause that is affecting them and preventing them from conceiving. Some of the tests are mentioned below:-

  • Blood Test:- Blood tests are used to conduct hormonal levels, FSH, LH Estrogen, Progesterone, and female Testosterone. These tests help detect diseases that might affect fertility in humans. They can also determine the ovaries' working capacity, menstruation cycle, and hormonal dysfunctions in general.
  • Ovulation Monitoring:- An ovulation test or rhythm effectively identifies a woman's cycle and when she will most likely be fertile. It also assists the couple in knowing the most suitable period to start planning for the baby. 
  • Hysterosalpingography:- An examination during hysterosalpingography involves the doctor administering X-ray contrast into the uterus to identify potential problems within. The doctor can assess whether fluid leaks from the uterus and fallopian tubes. If fluid leaks are found, the assessment is taken further to ensure a proper diagnosis is made. 
  • Semen Analysis:- Semen tests include the determination of the number of sperm, sperm tour, shape, and any other findings if there is an abnormality. This test, in particular, is beneficial in diagnosing infertility in men, besides other complications to do with the health of sperm. 
  • Hormone Test:- Hormonal tests, such as FSH, LH, Thyroid hormones, etc., help us determine ovulation, period irregularities, and any hormonal problem affecting fertility.

What is the fertility test for couples cost at Mannat Fertility Clinic?

We provide valuable information regarding the issue, making it difficult to get pregnant. The Couple Fertility Test costs range between 5000 and 8000 rupees, depending on the area of location. 

The cost of fertility tests for women is about 800-4000 rupees. Although this is the estimated cost, one should directly call the Mannat Fertility Center to schedule a consultation with the specialist who can recommend the most suitable test and calculate the associated fee.

Why choose Mannat Fertility Center?

Mannat Fertility Clinic is an established IVF and Fertility center. We aim to make your dream of starting a family come true. Its experienced doctors use modern technology to create customized treatment plans. With the help of fertility tests, the skilled specialists at Mannat can pinpoint potential issues. They understand the emotional journey of infertility and will provide compassionate guidance.

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