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Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate

FET or frozen embryo transfer is a medical practice in which experts use the frozen embryos of yours or others’ IVF cycle to transfer into your uterus. It does not require you to undergo ovary stimulation and egg retrieval processes of the IVF treatment

Frozen Egg Transfer Process 

The FET procedure has two two steps as mentioned below:

  • FET Preparation - Before the transfer of embryo into your uterus, experts focus on the preparation of the endometrial lining. And for this, they advise you to take progesterone pills followed by oestrogen pills. The experts monitor the progress with ultrasound before scheduling the embryo transfer.  
  • Embryo Transfer - The experts thaw your frozen embryo at the laboratory after five days of progesterone pill administration. After that, they transfer the embryo into your uterus with the help of ultrasound scan guidance. Your embryo will have implantation and will develop into a healthy baby there.    

Why Frozen Embryo Transfer

Couples prefer frozen embryo transfer due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Have additional embryos - During the IVF treatment, experts retrieve and fertilise multiple eggs. However, they use only one or two embryos for transfer and keep the remaining safe in the lab for future usage. For example, the need for another IVF cycle. 
  • Future family expansion - Due to professional or family responsibilities, or the presence of a child, some females want to keep their eggs or embryos of the last IVF treatment saved for future.  
  • Genetic screening - Some couples, especially aged ones (females above 35 and males above 40), have a higher risk of genetic disorders. They do not want their genetic issues passed to their children. So, they opt for genetic screening before embryo transfer in the IVF treatment process. And for this, embryos are frozen. 
  • Preference to an elective procedure - In the current world, many couples want to delay their parenthood with advanced technical facilities in reproductive health. With this, they freeze their eggs, sperm, or embryos to become parents in the later part of their life. 

Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer 

Opting for frozen embryo transfer is beneficial as it is less stressful and has a higher success rate. It allows experts to schedule embryo transfer as per couples’ wish and gives a natural uterine atmosphere for conception. Further, it facilitates PGT.        

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate 

The success of frozen embryo transfer depends on several factors like maternal health, especially reproductive health. Due to technical advancements in the reproductive health sector, FET offers reduced miscarriages, healthy pregnancy, more live births, and healthier babies. As per clinical studies, the success rate of frozen embryo transfer is around 50 to 60%. Babies born through IVF have good birth weight and delivery of babies through FET happens at the ideal time, usually around 9 months.    

At Mannat Fertility Clinic, we help couples to have positive outputs through frozen embryo transfer. Further, we take proper care of the patients throughout their pregnancy.


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