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What Affects IUI Success Rates With Donor Sperm

What Affects IUI Success Rates With Donor Sperm

The thoughtful results of artificial insemination by donor sperm solely depend on the woman’s age and it should not cross the 35 benchmark. Some of the other factors to consider are endometrial thickness, causes of infertility, a treatment used during ovulation induction and MSC of thawed sperm.

Getting quality donor sperm is a must to expect a successful pregnancy report through IUI or IVF treatment plans. But, there revolves a lot of steps to get the right response. Catching up with the best team of experts with years of experience is a must. That’s when our team comes to your rescue.

Focusing on pregnancy rates per cycle:

As per the insemination cycle, the pregnancy rate is subject to range between 18% and 30%. The first cycle will result in 17 to 28%, 2 cycles from 30 to 46% and 3 cycles will range from 48 to 60%. For the four cycles, the range will be from 60 to 75%.

Chances of pregnancy via IUI vs. IVF with the help of donor sperm:

When the matter revolves around donor sperm, there are mainly two different types of infertility treatments available. Understanding those variations is a must before you proceed further with the best choice. However, it is only up to the doctors to help you choose the right treatment plan to follow.

  • AID: 

The first option around here has to be Artificial Insemination by the donor. Here, the semen gets manually inserted inside the vagina and then placed in the uterus by the cannula transfer. During this technique, the eggs must come from the intended mother only.

  • Donor sperm IVF:

Donor eggs or own eggs can be used for the completion of this procedure. These eggs are procured previously by fertilization using ovum pick-up or OPU. The process of egg insemination can be covered by following the conventional ICSI or IVF methodologies.

When it comes to IVF using donated sperm, it is hard to find any difference with the average patient. It is because only a lower sperm amount is used and the male gamete intervenes to a lesser extent in some treatments like the ICSI.

But, you can see some major changes in artificial insemination techniques if you are comparing between the donor reproductive cells and using your gametes. Your chances of getting pregnant using artificial insemination by your husband are around 12 to 15%. But, the chances of becoming pregnant using artificial insemination by a donor might be around 18 to 25%.

Moving on with the pregnancy rate:

In women under the age group of 40, the pregnancy rate per cycle will be around 22% approximately. However, the same rate can reach only 13% when women get older than 40 years. Age will play a major role in determining the IUI outcomes. It is because the quality of the egg will drastically diminish with time.

Of all the pregnancies as procured by AID, around 88.5% are singletons. Then around 11.5% resulted in multiple pregnancies. Out of these multiple pregnancies, around 10.1% were twins, 0.2% had over three sacs, and 1.2% with triplets.

Increasing the odds:

After running through various rounds of IUI, your odds of getting pregnant will increase. It is targeted as a cumulative rate. In general, terms, if you fail to achieve pregnancy with the first attempt, the chances for it to occur during the 2nd, the 3rd or 4th insemination is higher.

Getting hold of Mannat Fertility:

It is always recommended to get in touch with the best IVF clinic if you want to turn your dream of parenthood into reality. The team from Mannat Fertility is always there to help. Run by an esteemed team, our centre is one of the best in the country nowadays. We have patients coming from different corners of India just to fulfil their dream of motherhood. No matter how tough the situation seems, we have the best IVF treatment plans ready for you. We will customize the treatment plan based on our patient’s thorough medical history.

In order to know more about our functionalities and our doctors, we will recommend you to give us a call at +91 87629 25555. You can visit our official website for details.



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