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IVF Failure – Reasons And What To Do Next?

IVF Failure – Reasons And What To Do Next?

When IVF treatment fails, it is truly a matter of utter disappointment. You have spent a lot of money, time, and energy on the process and your doctor had been very confident that the results would come out to be fruitful. Currently, In Vitro Fertilization has been the best treatment option for infertility and many improvements are being used in the technology. But sometimes, it is failed.

Though it is a huge failure or loss for your side, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Before you give up and submit the huge impulse to throw, you should know the reason why there is no 100% success rate in In-Vitro Fertilization and you don’t have to lose hope just because of the IVF cycle failed.

But you need to consider some things properly before you change the courses at some point. You may want to look for other specialists but consider the facts related to your situation and make sure to take the wisest decision for your own.

Reasons behind Failure of Treatment

There are certain odds that why this treatment had failed. All the issues cannot be fixed, which can affect the success rate of IVF, but there are certain issues one has to address and change the probability of success in the next cycle. Here are some of the factors behind the failure of IVF cycle –

Ovarian Response – Ovaries produce several eggs in response to fertility treatment. The production of eggs must improve the odds of conception. However, ovaries of some women cannot do so because they have fewer eggs than expected. It may be because of age factors or hormone levels.

Quality of Embryo – If embryo transfer is involved, there must be a failure in IVF due to the failure of embryo implantation. It could either be because of problems with the uterus or embryos. A lot of fertility specialists believe that it basically because of the arrest of embryos. It is usually because of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos due to which they become too weak to maintain implantation.

Age – The age of women also affects the odds of successful conception. Women start producing fewer eggs and quality also starts declining with age. When a woman reaches her 30s, the decline rate drastically increases by 37 or older.

Now, What Next?

First of all, your fertility experts will take care of your records and try to determine the reason behind the failure of the IVF cycle before you visit next time. It happens in case they find –

  • Any major issue which needs you to try again.
  • An issue with egg quantity or ovarian stimulation. In this case, they may suggest you change the drugs used to stimulate.
  • Problem with the embryonic transplant. In that case, they may recommend preimplantation genetic screening to keep track of the health of embryos before switching to the next cycle.

Ask your fertility specialist who can give you the right analysis and how to improve your odds for success in the next cycle.

What if you want to change doctors?

It is obvious that you must be worried that you trusted the wrong fertility experts after having failed treatment. Couples often take several tries before getting the expected results. But before you make any decision in a hurry, you should gather all the information you need behind the failure of the treatment.

If you don’t get a reasonable answer from your doctor, you might feel that you are not ready to keep getting treatment. They must be willing and ready to meet you and help you along the way to know what next you can do. It shouldn’t be a matter of their competency but for your health and whether a different approach could be beneficial. Trust your instinct and do what is best for you by the end of your day.

Looking for Fertility Expert

If you are not confident in going ahead with your doctor, you can definitely look for other IVF clinics. It is always wise to consult with the specialist about the results of the failed cycle to find out if they can tell you what the reason behind failure was.

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