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Painful Sex In Women – (Female Dyspareunia)

Painful Sex In Women – (Female Dyspareunia)

Have you felt a painful stinging feeling while moving on with intercourse? Did your vagina area burn like fire after or during sex? If so, then these are signs of female Dyspareunia, commonly known as painful sex among women. Even some men suffer from Dyspareunia but the reasons are completely different from women.

Dyspareunia is a medical term for painful intercourse. It is primarily defined as recurrent or persistent genital pain, which takes place before, after or during sexual intercourse. For the best treatment plans, having a chat with a reputed gynaecologist is mandatory. The treatments will vary from one patient to another, depending on the cause. It can further help in lessening or eliminating the problem.

What are the symptoms of Dyspareunia:

The symptoms of Dyspareunia are hard to miss out on. Even though some people care less about the situation but it can easily go out of hand fast. So, if you ever seem to face any of these symptoms, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. Some of the major symptoms of Dyspareunia are:

  • Burning pain
  • Arching pain
  • Pain only during penetration or sexual entry
  • Pain with every penetration, even when putting a tampon on during periods
  • Throbbing pain that can last for hours after having intercourse

In case you are suffering from recurrent pain during sex, have a chat with your healthcare provider immediately. Treating the issue from its core will not just improve your sex life, but will balance out your emotional intimacy. Overall, it is one clever way to improve your self-image.

Causes behind female Dyspareunia:

The physical pain associated with intercourse is subject to vary from one patient to another. Some feel the pain during penetration and others feel pain with deep thrusting. Sometimes, emotional factors are well entangled with different types of painful intercourse.

More towards the entry pain:

There are different factors resulting in painful interaction, especially during the entry point. Some of those are:

  • Trauma, irritation or injury: Maybe you have an irritation or injury from an accident, female circumcision during childbirth, or pelvis surgery. It can result in painful penetration.
  • Infection, skin disorder or inflammation: Any type of infection within your genital area or urinary tract can result in painful intercourse. Skin problems like eczema inside your genital zones can be yet another problem.
  • Less lubrication: If you don’t have enough foreplay, it can result in not enough lubrication. Another cause can be the drop in estrogen levels after childbirth or menopause or during breastfeeding. Some medicines can affect sexual desire, resulting in decreased lubrication, making sex painful. Some of those are sedatives, high blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, birth control pills and antihistamines.
  • Birth-related problems: Some women do not have a fully formed vagina from birth or can develop a membrane blocking the vaginal opening. It can result in Dyspareunia.
  • Vaginismus: These are also known as involuntary spasms of the muscle related to the vaginal wall, which will make penetration quite painful.

Deeper pain:

Sometimes, deep penetration or thrusting can cause serious pain. It can get worst in certain positions. It can be the result of certain illnesses like pelvic inflammatory disease, retroverted uterus, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids or even ovarian cysts. Even scarring from pelvic surgery can cause painful deep thrusts.

The best treatment plan:

After running through some physical exams and ultrasounds, gynaecologists can finally pinpoint the issue resulting in painful sex. In some rare cases, laparoscopy is done if the other tests results as inconclusive. Depending on the issue, the treatment plan will differ. Some treatments won’t even need medical intervention like painful intercourse after pregnancy. But, others might have to go through serious medical attention from our side at Mannat Fertility Clinic.

We are happy to serve our patients with the best treatment plan, covering painful sex from the get-go. With years of experience, we are ready to explore all the possible treatment options before finalizing the best-customised plan for you.

You can easily catch up with us at +91 87629 25555. Or, you can visit our official website to learn more about IVF treatment plans and more.

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