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Painful Sex - Its Effect On Fertility

Painful Sex - Its Effect On Fertility

Sex should never turn out to be painful. However, some women might feel pain during intercourse. Painful sex can easily interfere with your getting pregnant. It is an indication that there might be an underlying medical issue, which will affect your fertility negatively.

Painful sex in itself can make it difficult for you to get pregnant, especially if you are not enjoying it. If you fail to tolerate sexual intercourse, you won’t get pregnant. It is vital to learn what’s normal during intercourse and when you can term the penetration to be painful. If this pain seems to continue, it is time to call our doctors for help. We will determine the right cause behind painful sex and offer valuable solutions.

Is pain normal during sex?

Occasional discomfort while having intercourse is pretty normal. If you are having sex for the first time, there are some discomforts involved because both you and your partner might suffer from performance anxiety. However, first-time sex often ends up feeling good.

Another cause of pain while having sex is when you are in an uncomfortable position. Some positions can allow for deep thrusting but that can lead to the cervix getting bumped. Changing the positions of avoiding uncomfortable ones will resolve the problem quickly.

You need to take enough time with foreplay otherwise you might end up with uncomfortable sex. The reproductive organs shift during sexual arousal. So, when you are turned on, this shift will cause comfortable sex.

If you are feeling pain other than these reasons, then it is a concerning point and you better call the doctor right away!

Painful sex and its mixture with infertility:

Dyspareunia is the medical term for painful sex. As mentioned earlier, it can be an indication of an underlying medical problem. Some of these issues can cause infertility among women or make pregnancy a lot more difficult. Some of the causes of painful intercourse that might further impact fertility are listed below for your reference.

  • Vaginal dryness:

It can range anywhere from slight discomfort to intense pain, mainly when combined with lower estrogen levels. This pain takes place while penetrating. Lack of cervix mucus will indicate hormonal imbalance, which can also be the side effect of some medications.

  • Vaginal agenesis:

This situation might affect 1 out of 5000 women. Also known as MRKH syndrome, vaginal agenesis takes place when the vagina is not developed completely. We can present some surgical remedies, allowing normal intercourse. Then you have vaginal dilators, which will help to create a vaginal opening during intercourse.

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease:

PID is another cause of painful sex. Here, you will feel the pain with a deep thrust and not while penetrating. This pain is mainly the result of scar tissue or adhesions, which were the results of some infections.

  • Ovarian cysts:

Most ovarian cysts tend to disappear naturally. However, 5 to 10% of them need surgeries. Ovarian cysts usually won’t result in painful sex but some problematic ones can tend to offer issues later. Only a cyst is not the result of infertility, but cysts caused by conditions like PCOS can impact fertility.

  • Tight hymen:

The hymen is mainly a thin membrane that encircles the vaginal opening. It will not cover the entire opening but has one small hole to stretch out with time. This hymen doesn’t naturally stretch or is usually thick, resulting in painful intercourse. Some surgical remedies can correct this situation without impacting fertility.

These are some of the reasons behind painful sex, which will eventually impact your fertility rate. If you are facing any such trouble, our team from Mannat Fertility Clinic is happy to help.

Help from the experts:

Being associated with the infertility world for decades now, our team from Mannat Fertility Clinic knows all the required steps needed to help you fight fertility issues. We have helped 15,000+ happy couples conceive a child. So, doing the same for you won’t be a problem. You just need to head towards our clinic as soon as possible and get a booking.

In order to get a booking, you can contact us over the phone at +91 87629 25555. You can further visit our official website and fill up the online form.


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