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Positive Signs To Look Out For After Embryo Transfer

Positive Signs To Look Out For After Embryo Transfer

In this post, we will take a look at the most common positive signs after embryo transfer that a female may get to come across. Though, it’s important to note that these symptoms still don’t show to a lot of women; they remain asymptomatic and out of any kind of discomfort which could lead to an indication of successful pregnancy. So, keeping that in mind, let’s begin the points!

Common Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

Bleeding or Spotting

One of the earliest marks of pregnancy is bleeding or spotting. Though, not necessarily it’s a sign of successful embryo transfer. It could be an indication of implantation, especially when you start to witness spotting on toilet papers and other inner wears.

Spotting also has the chance of appearing up after you start to intake progesterone. Mostly, the gynaecologists may suggest the use of progesterone to match the hormonal levels with that as of the initial week of pregnancy.

Sore Breasts

If you feel that your breasts have become soft upon touch, or they are swollen, it could very well be a sign of an accomplished embryo transfer. Also, keep in mind that there have been instances where the sore breasts were not a sign of embryo transfer, but actually the side effects caused by the hormonal drugs, like progesterone.

Periods Missed!

This is another common sign that’s most passed around the masses, and it’s actually true! If you are women who can actually keep a count of her days, then the delaying of the period could mean the chances of pregnancy are high.


Cramping is normally an effect of the 2-weeks progesterone medication that you may be consuming, but remember to ignore only if it’s in its mild condition. If you feel that the cramping is on its high, the very first thing you should do is consult with your doctor, as the good news could be on its way!


We agree that fatigue or tiredness is a pretty common issue that’s raised out of the consumption of different kinds of fertility drugs, which you may consume. However, in most cases, when an individual is due for her period, it’s this very moment when the female may start to feel fatigued. Mostly, tiredness is an issue that’s present through the whole journey of pregnancy, and sometimes a little more while even after delivery.

Vaginal Discharge

Post seven days of your embryo transfer, if you get to see increase in the frequency of vaginal discharge, and then try to find if the vaginal discharge is odourless and white in color. If you see the very same thing that we have wrote in here, then it’s a high sign of pregnancy.

In case, you face discharge, burning, or in worst cases, yeasts infections, not to worry! It’s more of the results of the vaginal supplements and other forms of tablets.

Lack of Symptoms!

If you go through lack of symptoms, or even no symptoms at all, then not to panic, as a considerable size of women go through the same phase as of yours. In fact, a lot of times, the side effects are the result of the mix of drugs like progesterone and estrogen.

Believe it or not, but the positive signs after embryo transfer could be a little difficult to differentiate from initial period of pregnancy. That’s why we are recommending you to not take much tension, and rather just wait for the pregnancy test to confirm down everything.

Note: It’s fine to go through mild symptoms, however, if these symptoms turn reverse, just head to a professional and trusted IVF clinic.



Once your initial embryo transfer’s two week wait period is over, you will go through a pregnancy test which will determine whether you pregnant or not. If the result is positive, well and good, the respective IVF clinic in India would guide you on the further process.

On the other side, if the result comes out negative, then not to panic! At the very first, surround yourself with friends and family, who would be available to support you in such hard times. We agree it’s easier than done to forget such an instance, but be hopeful, and you will soon receive good news of positive signs after embryo transfer.


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