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Which Is The Best Sleeping Position After IVF?

Which Is The Best Sleeping Position After IVF?

The entire procedure of IVF calls for multiple precautionary measures. Right from the changes in the food habits to changing your lifestyle, both partners have to go through multiple steps, especially women. Moreover, women have to undergo multiple medicines throughout the process, resulting in various side effects as well.

Once the embryo transfer has been successful done, you will be given advise on your life changes. Our team from Mannat Fertility Centre is ready to help women go through those changes now. There is one thing you need to consider when it comes to IVF treatment and that is the sleeping position after ivf in question. 

You have to be very careful with the sleeping positions once you opt for the right IVF treatment. We are going to help you understand this step better.

How to sleep after IVF:

There is no particular recommended sleep position after the IVF transfer. The most common belief is that proper bed rest is necessary after an embryo transfer. Well, unfortunately that is a myth. Too much of bed rest is counterproductive and it will increase the level of stress among women.

  • Women who can get undisturbed straight sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night have showed a higher rate of success after pregnancy. 
  • There is no sleeping position after the embryo transfer has been done in an IVF treatment.
  • Make sure to keep the bedroom temperature at around 60 to 70 degrees F, depending on what makes you comfortable and helps you to get a good night sleep.
  • Always remember that it is wrong to think that the gravity can make the embryos falls out or reduce their implantation possibilities. So, it is always recommended to opt for a quick balance between sleep and work.

Other steps to venture in:

As we have mentioned already, there are some rules you need to follow after the embryo transfer is done. Sleeping position is not that big or a deal. But there are some other steps you have to be focusing at.

Can you fly after am embryo transfer?

Well, surely you can fly after you have gone through the ET. It won’t be any problem. Your embryos will be pretty okay, floating right inside your uterus. You can always travel without being concerned about staying lying down or that our embryos will fall out after transfer.

Some of you might feel thrush symptoms:

There are some instances, when we will prescribe antibiotics before going for the embryo transfer for preventing any presence of bacteria or living organisms to interfere with the IVF procedure.  These antibiotics might cause women to develop some infections in the vaginal area as they get to change balance of good microorganisms to help keep a healthy vaginal environment.

  • However, there isn’t any scientific proof that taking antibiotic will improve the outcome of embryo transfer.
  • But from what we have seen, it has worked magically in some of our patients. It depends on the health condition. So, we will always recommend a proper consultation beforehand.

What to eat after the IVF transfer?

Generally speaking, our IVF specialists will recommend that you follow a balanced and healthy diet and avoid junk food at all. Ideally, we will recommend you to have a diet, mixed with protein, multiple fruits and carbohydrate rich food items. 

On the other hand, remember to add a lot of vegetables into your diet plan. Avoid taking caffeine as that will harm the embryo. If you cannot stop drinking caffeinated drinks, then limit the intake to a maximum of 200mg per day. 

For more details on sleeping position and other embryo related queries, visit now! 


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