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Top 5 Ways That IVF Benefits Infertile Couples

Top 5 Ways That IVF Benefits Infertile Couples

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is known as the last stop to cure infertility in the whole world. For those couples, who are not able to conceive a pregnancy, IVF treatment is one of the best solutions. However, there are several non-assisted methods available to cure infertility. But, eggs and sperm can’t meet together with these methods. It required assisted methods like IVF, which is the most successful and effective technique. Here are the top 5 ways that IVF help a couple to increase the chances of being parents of a cute and lovely child:

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1) Think of IVF treatment

Before IVF treatment, many people also try to go with other fertility treatments like IUI (intrauterine insemination), and medications. But, many doctors suggest patients to go for IVF treatment after diagnosis of infertility. That is why; pregnancy in IVF has a higher chance of success. During IVF, a doctor diagnosis infertility causes like:

  • Blockage in fallopian tubes
  • Various male infertility causes
  • Ovarian dysfunction or decreased ovarian reserve
  • Advanced maternal age (above the age of 38)

2) Use donor eggs or sperm

The best thing in IVF is that a couple can also use the egg and sperm of the donor. In other words, when a couple is unable to conceive a baby with their sperm or egg, they can go through donor eggs or sperm. During the process of donor egg and sperm:

  • Firstly the egg of a woman is sent to the lab for the process of fertilization.
  • Afterwards, a sample of the donor’s sperm is collected at the doctor’s clinic and is sent to the lab.
  • Fertilized eggs and sperm transfer back to the uterus of women.
  • However, this process is applicable for both males and females.

3) Fewer chances of miscarriages

Compared to normal pregnancies, there are fewer chances of miscarriages with IVF treatment. Usually, the most common cause behind the miscarriage is genetic abnormalities. It may also cause the termination of pregnancy in natural ways and:

  • Through PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), it is easy to examine the genetic abnormality of the egg during IVF treatment.
  • In this way, women have a higher chance of a healthy pregnancy.
  • Without any miscarriage, women can carry their babies for the full term.
  • Pregnancy treatment with IVF has a higher chance of success in the whole world.

4) You can have a healthy baby with IVF

According to the study, there are higher chances of having a baby with IVF treatment. Due to advanced technology, the infertility doctor can examine the health of a baby and:

  • PGT is the most powerful and effective method that helps to examine the health of a baby. It ensures that your baby is healthy with IVF treatment.
  • By using PGT, you can also identify the foetuses (from any genetic markers) during IVF treatment.
  • Usually, genetic markers are directly related to Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, Tay Sachs diseases, etc.
  • Genetic screening (PGT) is more helpful to provide complete information about the baby’s health.

5) High chances of conception

Unlike other assisted methods, the IVF and PGT both have a higher success rate. If pregnancy does not happen in the first cycle, the doctor will go ahead with multiple cycles (if required). It helps to increase the chances of pregnancy in women and the healthy birth of a baby.

Last Words

There are several methods of IVF treatment. Many couples are enjoying a happy life with their partners and babies only because of IVF treatment. As per the study, IVF is the best-known ART (assisted reproductive technology). In case of infertility, choose this effective technique and enjoy a happy life with your complete family.




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