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Why Do Babies Move When You Drink Cold Water?

Why Do Babies Move When You Drink Cold Water?

It is very important to take extra care during the pregnancy period of a woman. A healthy pregnancy leads to the birth of a healthy baby. During pregnancy, it is essential to eat healthy foods rather than junk/unhealthy foods. The prescriptions of doctor play an important role in a healthy pregnancy.  

Many people have a question about the movement of the baby while drinking cold water. Water is an important aspect for everyone but how much quantity should you take during pregnancy? Here you will get all facts about “cold water” and “movement of the baby in pregnancy”!

Is It Safe to Drink Cold Water During Pregnancy?

A pregnant lady must consume water to maintain the level of water in the body. Here are some reasons behind drinking cold water during pregnancy:

  • Firstly, cold water is completely safe and secure for a pregnant lady.
  • Pregnancy is not a sickness so cold water will not be harmful.
  • Drinking cold water and juices before pregnancy is an ideal choice.
  • But, it is important to avoid unhealthy drinks like lots of soda and sugar.
  • A pregnant lady can take a drink occasionally without any trouble.


Does Cold Water Lead to Stomach Pain During Pregnancy?

Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

As per the research, cold water is not the reason behind stomach pain during pregnancy. In the summer season, it is not possible to drink hot or normal water for anyone and:

  • The cold water helps to take relief from irritation and acidity and other indigestion problems.
  • Many indigestion problems arise during the pregnancy period. 
  • Pregnant ladies feel hotness in the stomach. The cold water helps to provide pleasantly and reduce the irritation and acidity in the body.
  • However, normal or hot water will also decrease acidity but it increases the temperature of the body. In this way, a pregnant lady will feel uncomfortable.

Note: - Extra cold water will be harmful to a pregnant woman. If you are taking normal cold water then it will be beneficial for you. You have to take care of your baby’s health also and avoid taking extra cold water.

What is The Reason behind the Movement of Baby through Cold Water?

Movement of Baby through Cold Water

According to the research, it is so important to maintain the level of water in the body during the pregnancy period. Coldwater is not related to the movement of a baby in pregnancy. Some women experience movement because:

  • The temperature of the belly is warm or hot during the pregnancy period.
  • When cold water goes into the belly then it makes a unique surrounding inside the stomach.
  • In this way, it makes a variation on the womb and the baby start to moves inside the body.
  • Coldwater is not directly related to the movement of the baby during pregnancy.
  • Extra cold water may be harmful to the pregnant lady as it can be the reasons for inflammation and other health problems.
  • So, it is important to take care of your baby and use only healthy foods along with normal cold water.


Drink Cold Water During Pregnancy

When to Take Cold Water during Pregnancy?

Well, it is not essential to decide the timing of drinking cold water in the pregnancy period. Water is an important part of our life and without it, we can’t live. But, you have to remember the following points while drinking cold water:

  • First of all, drinking lots of water is an ideal choice during the pregnancy period because it keeps your body hydrated.
  • A pregnant lady can drink cold water anytime when she needs it.
  • Do not drink cold water only for the movement of the baby. 
  • Drink cold water according to your need and you should also take care of your baby.
  • Extra cold and hot items are not safe for baby and mother too. So, it is essential to intake normal hot and cold items only.

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Some Important Tips for Drinking Water during Pregnancy!

Tips for Drinking Water during Pregnancy

Here are some important tips for drinking water during the pregnancy period:

  • Intake 8 glasses of water per day: - To keep your body hydrated during pregnancy, it is important to take at least 8 glasses of water every day. However, you can also intake above 8 glasses in a day. It will be beneficial for both mother and baby.
  • Drink Water before Going to Bed: - If you are going to sleep then don’t forget to drink water (normal or cold). It helps to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. Taking cold water before bed helps to improve digestion and the immune system.
  • Don’t Wait To Feel Thirsty: - Many people drink water when they are thirsty. But, you don’t need to wait for this point. Drink water every hour to keep your body hydrated and energetic. Take a glass of water every hour a day to avoid dehydration.
  • Use Hydrated Items: - During pregnancy, it is important to intake hydrated items or liquid items. Liquid things can fulfil the deficiency of water in the body. That’s why the doctor always prescribed use liquid items, especially in the summer season.

Pros & Cons of Cold Water


  • The cold water helps to reduce irritation and acidity
  • Normal cold water improves your digestion and immunises system
  • Coldwater fulfil the deficiency of water during pregnancy
  • You can see some movements of a baby through cold water (but not every time)
  • Coldwater reduces the warmness of the belly or stomach.


  • Extra cold water is not better for the health of both baby and mother.
  • Extra cold water can be the reason for swelling inside the body.
  • Use normal cold water rather than extra cold water to avoid internal health problems.

Last Words

Water is a primary thing for every person including a pregnant lady. But, it is also important to know the right time and right way to drink water. You have to choose cold or hot water according to your temperature. For more information, you must visit a doctor first!

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