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Why More India Don’t Get IVF Treatment?

Why More India Don’t Get IVF Treatment?

Medical sciences have taken a big toll on various diseases with new treatments and technologies coming forward for their aid and help. There were a number of ailments and diseases that had no cure in the previous decades but no you can be sure of getting the best medical help about it. Science and technology are now going hand in hand on this, decreasing the mortality rate in the world.

One of such problems that needed the consideration of scientists was infertility. The numbers of cases of infertility in the world are on the high rise owing to a number of factors which can only be deciphered after complex research and investigations. The reason can range from a normal cyst to some occupational hazards due to some exposure there can be multiple reasons for it.

One thing that we should understand is that female infertility is easy to understand since the cases are mostly the same, however, diagnosing male infertility is not an easy process. According to researches, there has been a 20 to 30 percent rise in the infertility cases in India since the last five decades. Now infertility is no longer just a fancy urban phenomenon related just to women.

The factors attributed to the cause of infertility in India are:

  • the tremendous change in the lifestyle that is added on with the need to follow the western culture
  • increase in the stress due to the chaotic and hectic lifestyle on people
  • increase in the number of obesity cases due to the shift from normal home cooked food to the junk specialties
  • the lack of time of any kind of physical exercise
  • the change in the eating habits
  • not following any particular sleep and wake patterns
  • the cities covered with a blanket of smoke
  • increase in the number of cases of medical disorders like diabetes

Around 45 percent of the infertility cases in India are not limited to women and happen because of the low sperm count in men and low sperm motility as well. With such high cases, the Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) of In Vitro Fertilization is highly in demand.

In Vitro Fertilization is a process that includes the combination involving the egg by the ovaries of the female and the sperm in the man in a petri dish in a laboratory and then the following transfer of the embryo to the uterus of the female via her nipples. This embryo then implants itself in the uterine wall of the uterus and leaves the feminine pregnant. It’s an extremely inexpensive procedure in India when we compare its costs in the western nations, that have such processes to be exceptionally costly and priced. It’s among the most economical medical remedies which you could buy in India. The average cost of a single IVF session at India is roughly 2,50,000 and may go as large as 4,50,000 for after cycle of therapy.

This price doesn’t correspond to be really affordable for many couples although the rate is widely less than foreign treatments that cost around $ 10,000. Other than the basic cost, there are a number of other expenses incurred during the treatment and post the treatment. This expense cannot be easily taken by a middle-class family. Also, there are very fewer insurance companies covering IVF because for medical insurance you need to be ill, on bed hospitalized or suffering from a disease. This makes it utterly difficult for people to indulge in an IVF treatment, however, a number of foreign couples visit the country for performing IVF procedures, the toll for Indians is still going to take some time.

And The Last Words

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