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Egg Donation Program

Egg Donation Program

Egg Donation is all about donating eggs to the needy people trying to have their own baby. It is a procedure in which a woman provides eggs to another person who is in need of it for the purpose of assisted reproduction. Egg donation program is quite helpful for the recipient of the eggs can have a baby with a partner or going with the option of donor sperm.


Note!Kindly write a mail for an egg donation with your pic, age and height, and color (


A Brief Of Egg Donation Process –

The fertility-egg donation process in which eggs are retrieved from a woman having normally functioning ovaries. The retrieved eggs are fertilized following the IVF procedure using the sperm of the recipient’s partner or in a specific situation with donor sperm. Once pregnancy is established, the receiving woman turns into a mother having the developing baby going with the full term of the pregnancy and childbirth.

Significance Of Egg Donation Program-

Egg donation has emerged as the best infertility treatment. As of now, thousands of couples are having their kids. It is up to you that whether you want to know the identity of the woman donating eggs or you may go with the option of keeping it anonymous. Generally, a woman could have their younger sister, friend or niece to donate eggs in case they are having no issue with this option.

Why Doctors May Prescribe You For Egg Donation –

Egg donation has emerged as the best infertility treatment for women suffering from any of these below-mentioned issues –

  • Are you having any other ovary disease
  • If you do hold a family history of genetic disease
  • Having compromised egg
  • Diminished ovarian function because of ovarian cysts
  • Poor ovarian response to fertility medications
  • If you are having low embryo quality
  • If you are lacking ovaries
  • Cancer of the ovaries
  • If you are diagnosed or suspected of genetic disease

As of now, many women have got chances to get pregnant and having their kids. Now, they can have their babies because of this advanced fertility treatment.

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Frequently Questions

As per scientific research, everybody can’t be an egg donor. There are many circumstances in which persons are not allowed to donate an egg. A person can’t donate egg in some situations like: • Bad lifestyle (smoking, using alcohol and drugs etc). • Other health conditions (improper periods, overweight, some genetic problems etc). • Utilization of various types of birth control pills.

Egg donation is a process in which a woman donates her egg for another woman to conceive a baby. During the process of egg donation, a donor may have to face some swelling and irritability only for few days. The egg donation is done under sedation and that is why the donor will not feel any pain during the process.

There is no specific time decided for the donation of eggs. According to the study, donating eggs will not affect ovarian reserve. So, if you want to donate eggs more than one time then you can go for it. This is completely safe and secure for women. Even, a woman can also donate her eggs up to six times!