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Embryo Donors Program

Embryo Donors Program

Mannat Fertility has a dynamic embryo donor program wherein infertile couples receive embryos donated by other couples who have successfully conceived children of their own. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find donors of embryos as compared to donors of eggs, more so, if you need one with particular specifications. For reasons that are best known to the owners of embryos, they are reluctant to part with their frozen embryos even after conceiving children successfully. This usually results in the longer waiting period when it comes to embryo donation. At Mannat Fertility, we do our best to ease this situation by speaking to embryo owners who have completed their families and don’t intend to have any more children.

The other hurdle in an embryo donation in India is that some donors are very selective about who they donate their embryos to. They are within their rights to decide on such issues but with the right kind of counseling that shows understanding and sensitivity towards their feeling about who gets their embryo, it is easier to arrive at a solution. We do our best to explain the noble dimension of making such a donation to such donors and the joy and happiness that their act brings to those who are longing to have children. In order to ease such situations to some extent, we decided to call the process of receiving embryos, ‘adoption’ of an embryo. From the recipient’s point of view, this increases their sense of gratitude toward the donor which adds to the feel-good factor.

One very important consideration in any embryo donation program is the matching of embryos, which makes it a more difficult process in comparison to egg donation. Therefore, even if you have couples willing to donate their embryos, the recipients can have the embryo only when they match with their own. We therefore clarify all the necessary points in this regard with the recipients at the time of registering a request for embryos. Our program for embryo donors program in India offers both the known donation as well as the anonymous donation options to donors who are able to take the critical decision of donating their embryo.

Of course there are other options too in embryo donation process in India, such as donating to research or discarding the embryo in case they have reservations about sharing it with other couples. However, nothing can equal the feeling of pride and satisfaction when you share the joy of parenthood and profoundly change the life of others. At Mannat Fertility this is what we emphasize on while counselling potential donors.

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Frequently Questions

During the IVF treatment, a donor embryo transferred to the uterus of another woman. However, IVF can be done for both donor embryos and donor sperm. The cost of a donor embryo may be different according to the treatment. A couple has to bear the cost of additional tests, ultrasounds and service charges of clinics along with treatment. Every fertility centre has its charges for donor embryos.

There are various options are available for curing infertility. It is difficult to choose the best method for infertility. The IVF treatment and egg donation are some of the best fertility options for the couple. However, both are expensive methods for infertility. If we compared with the IVF treatment then Embryo adoption is a less expensive method.

You can choose an embryo donor through any of the following options: • From an agency • From the database of egg donor • Through any fertility centre • Or from any frozen bank The donor needs to go for testing and evaluation. A donor must be free from STI (sexually transmitted infections), genetic problems and HIV. A medical history should acquire from a donor.