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Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

The treatment for infertility like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) includes cryopreservation or embryo freezing in Mannat Fertility Clinic. We administer Hormones into a female egg donor’s ovary to stimulate the development of a significant number of eggs during a usual IVF or ICSI treatment cycle. After retrieving the eggs from the donor, we send them to the laboratory where they are processed and fertilized. More than 50% of couples, who come to us, stand the chance to get excellent quality embryos; additionally we are able to save adequate number of eggs for use in embryo transfer. As part of our process for embryo freezing in Bangalore, we keep the additional embryos in a frozen state for future use.

The process of embryo freezing

The utility and effectiveness of the embryo is maintained by carefully freezing it in liquid nitrogen at a very low temperature of -1960° C. This process of embryo freezing within the cell involves all activities that pause aging by freezing it for a specific time. The way to safely store embryo in liquid nitrogen for longer period can be best done in a laboratory well equipped with specialized freezing equipment and other advanced facilities. All this apparently requires a good deal of investment that can impact the cost of embryo freezing in Bangalore but at Mannat Fertility Clinic, you can expect a rationalized cost for the embryo.

The air in the atmosphere that we breathe contains a certain amount of Nitrogen gas and this gas can turn into liquid form when cooled at -1960° C. The method of embryo preservation in Bangalore first cools the embryo and places them in plastic straws that are thin and sealed at both ends. They are given a unique identification number along with the name of the donor which also mentioned alongside. Thereafter, they are kept in larger containers filled with liquid nitrogen after being placed in vacuum lined goblets.

Lower embryo freezing cost in India is major an advantage

Use of such embryos without going through a full IVF cycle can make patients pregnant even after they have failed to conceive earlier. It has been found that after a cycle of in vitro fertilization, embryo cryopreservation is useful for leftover embryos. Alternately, the patient can return later for another pregnancy if she has had a pregnancy earlier. In order to donate embryo to another woman or couple surplus embryos post fertility treatments, could be used. Furthermore, embryos may be created, frozen and stored specifically for transfer and donation by using donor eggs and sperm.

Your eggs can be safely stored when they are most healthy and usable and this is the main benefit of egg freezing. The chance of successful fertilization and healthy pregnancy are high when the eggs are in the best possible condition. The most fertile age for women to become pregnant and conceive is from their teens up to 35 but for many professional women that may not be the best age to have a baby. However, you must know that there is only a 3 : 1 chance of successful pregnancies from freezing of eggs as the overall success rate ranges between 30 and 35% .

Embryo preservation in Bangalore has a time frame

The cost of embryo freezing in Bangalore won’t remain where it is today, in a few years from now. So don’t just keep extending your pregnancy indefinitely till you turn 45 which is the cutout threshold for a woman to become pregnant. It will be necessary to remember the cutout threshold for pregnancy so as to prepare for your pregnancy well in time. You can use frozen additional embryos from your first IVF cycle, without going through the intensive hormone injection treatment again, if there’s a need for additional cycles.

Embryos are a combination of eggs and sperm and freezing them have proven to be a lot more effective in viable pregnancies as compared to freezing just eggs. The other thing to note is that the cost of freezing embryos is similar to the cost of freezing eggs. Again, if you wish to have another child later you can use the embryos frozen during your first pregnancy. The fact that you have the option of scheduling your next embryo transfer well in advance is another major advantage of frozen embryo transfer (FET). Embryo freezing cost in India is still quite low when compared with many other countries but with time and larger demand it may not remain the same.

The scope of embryo freezing

The ovarian stimulation medications are less effective for embryo implantation in some patients, as their progesterone levels push up beyond acceptable levels. For such patients, it is recommended that they opt for FETs and follow the IVF cycles. Patients diagnosed with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), are generally advised not to proceed with a fresh embryo transfer. Parents, who are likely to pass some of their genetic conditions to their children, can choose embryo freezing in Bangalore to ensure a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Our embryologists will test each embryo for signs of genetic disorder in this method.

Checking multiple gestations is easier when the number of embryos that are transferred in a fresh cycle is much less. Patients with suboptimal uterine lining or other factors that might affect the embryo implantation, need to undergo cryopreservation. Patients who have cervical stenosis, are recommended embryo cryopreservation. In fact, patients undergoing cancer treatments and who are looking to start a family after successfully completing their cancer treatment must also undergo embryo cryopreservation. However, women who have suffered recurrent miscarriages and older woman who are at higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities can benefit from embryo freezing. Our specialists carry out Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) to test chromosomal abnormalities in each embryo. FET cycles will cost less after a fresh IVF treatment cycle.

Embryo Freezing Cost in Bangalore

With the evolution of the latest technology in fertility medicine, significant costs have been involved in egg freezing. Basically, there are two types of costs involved. First of all, a couple has to bear the cost of retrieval and freezing of embryos which varies from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh like IVF procedure. Then, they have to keep them in frozen condition and bear annual cost ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 annually. Patients should also visit the clinic for consultations and procedures like trans-vaginal ultrasounds and checkups. Mannat Fertility is the best IVF center in Bangalore which provides best fertility treatment with high success rate.

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Frequently Questions

Before freezing, it is important to fertilized embryos or eggs during IVF treatment. After the fertilization process, these embryos send to the lab to frozen. The most couple decides to store their eggs for future use or egg donation. It is essential to keep these eggs at low temperature in labs. In this way, the quality of eggs will maintain so that a woman can get pregnant in future through these embryos.

In the process of IVF, there are many women who produced multiple embryos and eggs. The most couple decides to keep their eggs to freeze in the lab for later use. However, some couple also donates their embryos to the others. For freezing embryos, a couple has to pay the cost of the retrieval and freezing process. Afterwards, they have to pay the annual cost for frozen eggs or embryos.

The temperature of the frozen egg must be maintained properly otherwise it may affect the embryo or egg. The frozen embryo should be kept at a low temperature in the lab. Otherwise, the embryo can be damaged. It is mandatory to keep the frozen embryos healthy so that women can conceive a baby easily in future. A healthy embryo or egg leads to a healthy and fit baby.