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Fertility Tools

Mannat Fertility also comes up with the amazing Fertility Tools that can support you nicely during pregnancy. Here, many tools are available to use. Let us check it out more about these ones.

Fertile Window Calculator

This tool has been designed so that you can get to know regarding your next “fertile window” in your menstrual cycle predicated on the basis of your ovulation date. Go and check out this fertile window calculation if trying to get pregnant having unprotected sex.

IUI versus IVF Calculator

Not able to get what treatment would be right to choose if IUI or IVF, go with this tool to get an ideal answer. Moreover, you should also take the advice of your fertility specialist.

Ovulation Calculator

Are you running confused that what should be your fertile period in your menstrual cycle? Go with Ovulation Calculator to get to know the ideal time to have unprotected sex.

Male Fertility Check

The next one on the list is Male Fertility Check especially designed for men. This unique tool is generally used in order to answers some kind of simple lifestyle and medical questions. This tool helps in order to get to know about their fertility.

BMI Calculator

BMI stands for Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat which is done on the basis of height and weight which needs to apply for men and women. It is quite easy to use since you need to enter your weight and height going with standard or metric measures. The next thing you need to do is select a computer BMI and your BMI will be there to get shown.

These Fertility Tools are quite helpful in order to get rid of the issues and confusion. Apart from these tools, you should not forget to discuss it with your doctor to get completely sure.

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