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ICSI Treatment

ICSI Treatment

Mannat Fertility is the right platform that has been catering in this field for a long time. The best platform is not leaving any stone unturned to bring the best results to you. Here, experts are always available to come up with the best solutions to understandings its patients in the right manner.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate Of ICSI Treatment –

Are you thinking the same that who is the right candidate for ICSI Treatment?You have landed on the right platform. According to Mannat Fertility, ICSI treatment in Bangalore is ideal for the couples having these facts –

  • ICSI treatment is also considered for them having less motility of sperms
  • If there is a case of inability to penetrate with the egg naturally
  • In the case of previous IVF failure
  • ICSI treatment is also considered ideal in case of having an abnormal form of the sperms
  • Women having blocked or broken fallopian tubes
  • Males with bad quality low sperms or low Sperm counts

ICSI – An Ideal Treatment

ICSI Treatment Bangalore is considered an effective and productive treatment to unravel fertility rivalry. ICSI Treatment Procedure can be considered as the most advanced fertility ART technique. ICSI course is indeed a course of IVF medication in which sperms and eggs are accumulated from the infertile couple. Mannat Fertility is here to assist you in the best way. Following ICSI, the course of medication, fertilization is made to succeed directly by injecting one active and motile Sperm.

ICSI Treatment At Mannat Fertility 

ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and the best thing is that it is fruitful in comparison to IVF treatment. This treatment has been prescribed to the man who is having a Low Sperm Count and they are less motile or active. Here, it is needed to mention that the remainder of all the procedure of ICSI treatment is quite similar to IVF therapeutic. Mannat Fertility is an ideal platform imparting the best quality ICSI Treatment Cost In Bangalore competitive prices.

ICSI – A Hope For Infertile Couple 

After marriage, a couple always wants to have a baby to start their own family. However, in case if a couple is unable to induce pregnancy even after having intercourse, they are categorized as an infertile couple. Infertility is regarded as a quandary topic all across the world. You may not believe that around twenty-six millions of people suffer from infertility in India. Fortunately, ICSI Treatment Success Rates quite good and giving hope to many couples.

ICSI Clinic Treatment Cost in Bangalore India 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an assisted reproductive procedure used along with IVF treatment. It is one of the best artificial treatments as an advanced form of IVF for male infertility. The treatment cost also varies as per the location. It is quite expensive as compared to IVF but its success rate is also higher. A lot of couples prefer visiting India for ICSI treatment because they can get much affordable treatment plans as compared to that in other countries. Couples also need to consider other costs as per their fertility levels and medical history. 

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Frequently Questions

According to the newly updated report, it has been studied that IVF have successful pregnancy rate (excluding ICSI) to 27% compared to other techniques of ATR (assisted reproductive technology). On the other hand, ICSI fertility treatment have successful pregnancy rate at 24% only. It shows why couple loves to go with IVF!

Actually, ICSI treatment cost is lesser than the IVF. Reason is that IVF has more success rate from ICSI and other ATR methods. IVF provides the best quality, medical facilities and services to the patients. This is why, it is known as one of the successful method for curing infertility in the whole world!

As we know that ICSI treatment helps to inject sperms into the egg but it can’t fertilize the egg. According to the recent study, the success rate of ICSI is between 70-80%. Along with IVF, ICSI can increase the success rate but alone it is less than IVF. Both treatments are different from each other!

Actually, there are many cycles included in the process of ICSI treatment and each cycle costs include additional cost. However, the amount is not so higher but the treatment should be completed properly. ICSI treatment cost also depends upon the services, tests, ultrasounds, additional required tests and facilities at centre or clinic.