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Male Impotence

Male Impotence

Male impotence is a common sexual disorder that many men face at different stages of their lives but mainly as they grow older. However, this doesn’t mean that age is a major factor for impotency in men, also known as erectile dysfunction. This condition prevents a man from having any erection at all or get a weak erection at best that doesn’t allow him to have sexual intercourse with his partner. In order to sustain an erection, many of your body parts, in addition to your penis, such as your brain and glands that control hormones to blood vessels need to be working in the right way. The cause of your erectile dysfunction is a combination of physical, psychological and emotional factors that require complete male impotence treatment.

At Mannat Fertility, our experts will thoroughly examine you to get to the root cause of your problem and offer erectile dysfunction treatment options. There are a number of reasons ranging from heart disease and diabetes to high blood pressure and obesity that may be responsible for this condition. There are other reasons connected to your lifestyle that can cause erectile dysfunction and these are drinking and smoking along with lack of exercise. Similarly, there are psychological and emotional issues like anxiety, depression and stress resulting from strained relationships that can cause the condition in you.

You need male impotence treatment in India if you had received injuries to your testicle or penis or have damaged your nerves or arteries that may also play a part in your erectile dysfunction. This makes your medical or sexual history very important for our experts to understand how erectile dysfunction affects you and whether there might be a definite cause for it. They would also like to know about any surgery that you might have undergone in the past especially in the abdominal area. This is not a test but the beginning of a process of consultation wherein we examine all the possible causes that are responsible for your condition.

Whatever is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, our experts will begin the male ED treatment on you only after they have properly diagnosed your problem. This will be a combination of discussion and examination involving your medical history as well as your lifestyle choices, your sex life and various other points on which they will look for clarity. Thereafter they will initiate the basic physical examination of your penis and testicles, as well as your nerves for sensation. You will also be required to take a blood test, urine test and ultrasound. All of that and much more will help them diagnose your problem better.

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Frequently Questions

When any male is unable to do sex due to poor erection power then he known as an “Impotent man” and a problem known as “Impotency”. Poor ED (erectile dysfunction) may affect your whole life and it can have a negative impact on your sexual relationship. But, an impotent man can be cured through natural remedies and medical changes. By changing lifestyle, impotency can be cured without any trouble.

Impotency refers to that disorders in which a man is unable to do intercourse due to various sexual disorders. An impotent man can be harassed, disturbed and full of stress in his life. Here are the signs of impotence in a man: • Unable to get a proper erection • Deficiency of sexual desire • Unable to get erection power for a long time

Impotence is directly related to the poor quality of erection power or ED. It is a state in which a male can’t maintain erection power for a long time during intercourse. For proper erection, blood flow in the penis is a must. A man can be impotent through: • High cholesterol • Hypertension or lots of stress • Atherosclerosis (a condition that creates a blockage of blood in the penis)