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IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment

IUI treatment is quite simple, but still, patients get nervous a bit. At Mannat Fertility, the best experts do assist you. If you are going with the option of a sperm donor, the sperm will be prepared. If you do not want to go with that then your partner will have to come to Mannat Fertility Clinic to give a semen sample via masturbation. In case your partner supposed to go out of town in the coming days, his semen sample can be frozen so that it can be used while it is needed. Sperm will be put following a special washing procedure. Then semen will be transferred into your uterus using a catheter. Mannat Fertility is a IVF clinic known for providing the best treatment at competitive prices.

IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore

If you are going ahead to have fertility treatment beyond fertility drug use, IUI could be the first thing comes in your mind. The best thing is that it is quite simpler in comparison to assisting reproductive technologies such as IVF. Though the fact cannot be ignored that price generally varies from clinic to clinic. Mannat Fertility is a distinguished platform to choose and have IUI Treatment. What amount you might have to pay depends based on various factors such as what complications you have or how much is being covered under insurance.

IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination is an infertility treatment procedure in which sperm is injected directly into the uterus. Sperm is concentrated and washed to place into the uterus directly in this artificial insemination procedure. It is the best solution for men who are suffering severe male infertility or women without tubal issues. IUI is not recommended for women who had pelvic adhesions earlier or severe endometriosis. Along with the initial cost of IUI treatment, couples should also consider other expenses like tracking ovulation, ovulation induction, and ultrasound scans which require a lot of consultations and medications which are charged extra.

IUI Treatment Success Rate

Your IUI treatment depends on various factors. Your doctor may suggest you the drugs such as Clomid or Letrozole with IUI. Moreover, your doctor will make you go ahead to have a blood test as soon as you start having a period. You will have to go for an ultrasound as well. This will help to make sure that you are not pregnant and you are not having any ovarian cysts.

Once your doctor starts finding everything good, your treatment will be started prescribing oral fertility drugs. Your doctors will make you have to undergo ultrasound monitoring as well as more blood worlds as soon as the cycle do progresses. Get your appointment fixed at Mannat Fertility to have the best IUI Treatment For Pregnancy. Do visit the official site to get more information. Here, experts are available to guide you properly.

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Frequently Questions

Infertility can be cured through two methods IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (in-vitro fertilization). Both methods are safe and secure for curing infertility. But, IUI is more natural and less invasive compared to IVF! In the process of IUI, washed sperm placed directly into the uterus of a woman during the fertile window. If you want to cure your infertility then go with IUI treatment in Bangalore.

Well, IUI is not so painful because it works as natural process. Actually, the process of insemination can be done at your home or at a doctor’s clinic. It will not take longer time! Within 5 to 10 minutes, all process will be done because it is so quick and there is no any necessity of anaesthesia. IUI treatment is helpful for those who have capacity to produce egg(s) naturally.

Treatment of IUI may be differs according to the problem or after determining whole health. In India, all the process, tests and ultrasounds are included in the treatment of IUI which is so cheaper. IUI treatment cost is so cheaper compared to IVF because it is a natural process. You can consult with professionals before going with the IUI treatment.

Yes, in an IUI cycle, there are lots of chances of having twins because of the fertilized eggs! When washed sperms are combined with the uterus then it can produce multiple eggs compared to natural pregnancies. In this case, you must consult to professionals while going for an IUI treatment in Bangalore!

Compared to IVF, chances of pregnancy in first cycle is not possible in the process of IUI. Some studies shows that pregnancy occurs successful in first three cycles while some shows in three to four cycles in the process of IUI. That is why, mostly couple loves to go with IVF rather than IUI treatment because women can get pregnant in first cycle through IVF.