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Know Fertility

Which month is the best time for the women to be fertile?


During the menstrual cycle, her first day of the cycle is considered as “First Day”. When the menstrual cycle finishes, usually vary from one woman to another for the next menstrual period as it varies from 3-8 days. A week later, a woman ovulates and release an egg, which could be around 13-14th day after the menstrual cycle. The egg is viable for 24hrs and is considered to be a more fertile day for women. This pattern may vary from one woman to another. It’s not guaranteed, that woman will ovulate even if they are experiencing regular period.

Can female inform when she can ovulate?


Yes, a woman can inform more or less when she can ovulate. A woman can note basal body temperature everyday morning on a chart. This can be recorded either by ovulate predictor kit or manually.

How often should intercourse happen?


Ovulation period starts from day 10, 14 and 16. When a woman has intercourse with her partner, sperm stays in her reproductive tract for 48hrs, which is the best time. As every women ovulation differs from one person to others, it is very much important for a woman not to use lubricants or drugs before or after intercourse.

When a couple tries to get pregnant, when can they consult doctor?


If the women are over 35 yrs and tried to conceive for more than a year, then it’s better to consult a specialist. If the women age is less than 35years then the concern is less. If a woman is over 35years and possess medical issues such as irregular periods or PID or painful periods then it’s better to consult OB/GYN (right away).
Some couples feel uncomfortable to confess that they possess some problem. There will have a lot of speculation after every period for conceiving, but nevertheless, it is better for the couple to consult a good fertility specialist.

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