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World Class Semen Processing in Bangalore at Affordable Cost

Today, preservation of sperm has become a common feature of the process of assisted reproduction. There has always been considerable diversity in the difference in sperm quality and there are several processes available at Mannat Fertility to address this diversity. We offer a number of techniques and methodologies for high quality semen processing in Bangalore covering these diverse qualities of sperms for the best possible results.

The processing of sperm must go through a four-stage process before it is ready for cryopreservation.


We use one of the best semen analyses in Bangalore which includes a sperm preparation technique known as density gradient separation. In this analysis, we use different densities of colloidal solution to separate the high motility concentrated sperm from other unwanted elements like low quality non-motile sperm and white blood cells among others. In order to prepare the most optimum quality sperm we therefore, have to select sustain and store the best quality sperm. We provide the right physiological environment for the sperms to survive as we use the best preparation medium which ensures a stable pH and osmolality.


The process of removing sperm from the semen is referred to as sperm washing. To successfully fertilize the eggs, the sperm needs to be motile and have enough vitality. For that to happen, the sperm will need to be protected and segregated in a particular way. Our semen Processing centre in Bangalore uses a sperm washing medium for maintaining the quality of the sperm during the IVF washing process especially when it is prepared outside the incubator. In fact, the sperm washing medium we use is helpful during all stages of sperm preparation before fertilization such as IUI, IVF and the ART procedures. This advanced washing medium helps us maintain sperm quality outside the CO? incubator.


Mannat Fertility offers high quality semen processing in Bangalore wherein we ensure the survival and quality of the sperm through the process of sperm freezing. Today, this is the standard procedure followed by the best laboratories in the world and it also involves knowledge of the preservation and thawing processes which the sperm undergoes without losing its quality. The freezing process involves the formation of ice crystals that can damage the sperms unless they are given the protection of sperm cryopreservation as the subsequent storage of the sperms stretches over a long period of time.


Long duration storage of the sperms is a part of the state-of-the-art system of semen processing in Bangalore that Mannat Fertility manages. We are extra sensitive about the cryopreservation of the sperms of our patients for which we use the most advanced filling and sealing method of the high security CBS™ straws in which the sperm samples are preserved in ultra low temperatures. Such cryopreservation involves use of liquid nitrogen, which is the best known element for extreme cooling. The straws we use are made of the best biocompatible materials that are quite expensive but we don’t let that impact the sperm analysis test cost in Bangalore at Mannat Fertility.

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Frequently Questions

There are many elements included in semen like as, protein, zinc, vitamin C, water, sugar and prostaglandins. Basically, semen is a combination of the prostate gland, sperm and other bulbourethral glands in the male. As per the study, a man can ejaculate around 12 trillion sperm in his whole life. A man can ejaculate sperm in very little quantity at a time (like a 5ml of a teaspoon).

Semen is also known as ejaculate or cum that comes out during the process of ejaculation in male. But, sperm is a part of semen which is also called male reproductive cells. Semen and sperm both are different from each other. Semen is a combination of matured sperms and a man can ejaculate trillions of sperm over his life.