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Ovum Donation

Ovum Donation

As part of the treatment to assist in the process of reproduction in Bangalore, a woman can donate her eggs to another woman to help her conceive. In this process of ovum donation in Bangalore, India the donor can also donate it for research purposes. Donation of eggs to assist in reproduction is normally done through vitro fertilization wherein the eggs are fertilized in a laboratory and are frozen and stored in certain cases for use at a later date. This entire process of donating eggs for reproduction comes under assisted reproductive technology (ART) where third party donors are involved in a major way.The process of ovum donation in India for reproduction has two stages

o Hyper stimulation of the donor’s ovary through hormonal drugs that results in the development of multiple eggs in a single menstrual cycle
o The mature eggs are then surgically retrieved from the donor through a method known as trans-vaginal ultrasound aspiration (TUA) and stored in an ovum bank in India. The entire process of retrieving the eggs from the donor requires her to undergo a series of screening and testing that runs for at least 60 hours.

An ovum donor in India is selected only when her physical attributes and temperament resembles those of the recipient. The evaluation is done by our doctor in charge of the particular recipient. Next, our psychologist examines the donor to assess her mental conditioning and her ability to undergo the process of ovum sharing. Our ovum donation process is among the best that you would find anywhere in India or elsewhere.

The real need for ovum donation in India

These days there are an increasing number of technically qualified and professionally capable women who are joining the workforce in ever larger numbers. As a result many of them end up prioritizing their careers over their marital life, which in turn leads to many of them getting married late, after the age of 35 or even 40. Many women are known to be able to conceive up to the age 45 but there are many who can’t but they also don’t want to miss out on the chance of motherhood. That’s where an ovum bank in India like Mannat Fertility Clinic comes in with advanced solutions like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

After the age of 40 many women struggle to have eggs in their ovaries and in some cases where they do have a few eggs in their ovaries, the quality of their eggs is not good enough. The situation could be even worse for some of them since they may not be able to get a successful pregnancy even with all the new technologies like IVF and ICSI. On the other hand, most women stop having their periods after the age of 40 and that literally puts a stop to their dreams of having a baby even with the help of these advanced technological solutions. The new method of egg donation is nothing short of a blessing for such women who can now have a successful pregnancy.

Women who are fit to receive ovum from a donor in India

Couples above the age of 45 are increasingly finding it difficult to adopt little children because the Government of India prefers younger parents for very small children. Budding parents wanting to adopt, prefer very small children because it is easier to inculcate their values in a smaller child than one that has grown to be an adolescent. Having a child of their own remains the best bet though for such parents and ovum sharing or egg donation is now the preferred method to naturally and biologically have a child of your own.

Women who have undergone IVF or ICSI on many occasions and haven’t been able to get pregnant can also receive eggs from a donor in order to be able to conceive successfully. You just need to settle the egg donation ovum sharing cost with the donor and in this matter Mannat Fertility Clinic will help get the best deal.

It’s not just elderly perimenopause women in their 40s who might need egg donation but also many younger women who have experienced premature failure of their ovaries or in more serious cases, those who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy for cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy damages and destroys the eggs resulting in the failure of the patient’s ovaries.

In other cases, egg donation ovum sharing at a cost is helpful for women who have major chromosomal defects. This becomes necessary to avoid a pregnancy with the patient’s own defective eggs that can have a negative and undesirable impact on the child that is born. Besides that, women who have been afflicted by tuberculosis or endometriosis are more likely to produce defective eggs that will have a serious bearing on the child. Hence, they also will require egg donation or ovum sharing.

Post Ovum donation in Bangalore at Mannat Fertility Clinic

After the eggs from a healthy woman is retrieved and later transferred to the ovary of the recipient, we will coordinate the cycles of the donor and recipient to do a fresh embryo transfer whenever convenient. In order to facilitate a hospitable uterine environment for the transfer of embryos the management of cycles will involve use of a series of medications. The donor is injected with stimulants to produce a large number of eggs for the purpose of donation.
The eggs are retrieved from inside the vagina without the need for any surgical process on the abdomen of the donor. In fact, she can return home in about three to four hours’ after completion of the procedure. Thereafter, the eggs are fertilized with the sperms of the recipient’s husband at the laboratory using either IVF or ICSI and then kept in the incubator for two days.

Any woman, with her consent, below 33 years old, can donate her egg. To ensure proper health of ovaries, egg donors are constantly monitored through ultrasound and blood tests. We retrieve the egg with anesthesia and fertilize the same with sperm given by the receiver’s husband. It is recommended for women who couldn’t get pregnant even after passing through so many cycles of IVF treatment. It is also recommended for a lot of young women who have gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatment and have ovaries which fail prematurely. Women who are above 42 looking for a biological child with their partner’s sperm can opt for this treatment.

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Frequently Questions

During the treatment of infertility, there are many couples who have produced multiple embryos or eggs. In this situation, excess eggs can be donated to a friend or relative. Excess eggs send to the lab for future use. Afterwards, the receiver can select a healthy frozen egg from the egg bank. The donation of the egg is helpful for those women who are not able to conceive a child. Egg donation can be done in many infertility clinics.

Each woman has different infertility issues according to the health conditions, age factor and type of problem. The cost for the donation of ovum may be different according to the physical conditions and kind of infertility. Between 30 to 40 years, the body of women is not strong compared to before 30 years. At any infertility clinic, you can consult about the cost from experts/doctors.