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PICSI Treatment

PICSI Treatment

PICSI stands for Physiological intracytoplasmic sperm injection and experts let you know about it you undergo IVF treatment. In short, PICSI is a kind of method to consider quite helpful in order to select the best possible sperm for fertilization prior to injection into the egg in the IVF protocol. Mannat Fertility is regarded as the best platform to have PICSI treatment. Experienced doctors assist following the standard guidelines.

In What Cases PICSI Is Highly Recommended –

In this procedure, the best possible sperm is chosen on the basis of physiological characteristic including good motility and morphology prior to injecting it into the egg. The motto of this procedure is helping in picking a single mature sperm to have the best results. It is considered that only a mature sperm can go ahead to get bound to the oocyte complex to fertilize the egg. This way plays a major role to enhance the chances of fertilization.

Experts do not recommend PICSI to every patient since it requires an additional amount of handling right from in the procedure, subsequent and environmental exposure of the oocytes. As per studies, only 15% of patients are suggested to have ICSI.

PICSI is highly recommended in these below-mentioned cases such as –

  • If you are having repeated miscarriages
  • If you are having a previous failure or low fertilization even after having ICSI treatment
  • PICSI is also suggested to have in case of low embryo quality or their failure to develop

PICSI is regarded as a way helpful to enhance the chance of successful treatment.  In this method, sperm are actually placed in the PICSI dish having a sample of hyaluronan. With PICSI, it becomes easier to select sperm that how they would perform. Sperm are chosen on the basis of how well they are bound to the hyaluronan around an egg cell.

PICSI Fertility Treatment in Delhi At Mannat Fertility

At Mannat Fertility, you can have the best PICSI fertility treatment. This highly advanced technology is superior to ICSI since it churns out the amazing and consistently better results in comparison to ICSI. Moreover, this advanced technique available at Mannat Fertility also separates DNA fragmented sperms from normal sperms.

Mannat Fertility is a reputed platform constantly engaged in imparting the best results. If you have been hunting for an ideal platform to have PICSI Treatment, you have landed at the right platform. Get your appointment fixed at Mannat Fertility. The experienced doctors are here to assist you and make you have the best experience.

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Frequently Questions

PICSI is a way to determine the best and healthy sperm for the process of fertilisation before injecting it into the egg. On the other hand, ICSI is a method for IVF to inject sperm into an egg. Both are completely better in their places. As per the study, there is not any evidence to define the majority between both of these methods.

PICSI refers to Physiological Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. PICSI helps to choose suitable sperm for injecting into the egg cell through ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Before injecting the sperm into the egg cell, it is important to select the best suitable sperm for the process of fertilizations. This is done by PICSI and then transfer to the process of ICSI.

When you will visit an IVF centre to cure infertility then the doctor will ask you for PICSI first. PICSI is so important to step in the IVF to select the best quality of sperm for fertilisation. However, this method is successful and has a higher success rate of 60%. In some cases, it may also increase from 80% to 90%.