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Week Five Pregnancy

The Baby –

  • Almost looks like a sesame seed
  • Trying hard to grow as a freaking Genius Kid.
  • Looks pretty much like a tadpole.

You –

  • Have a positive pregnancy test at home and are now pregnant for real.
  • Are surely having prenatal vitamins without any doubt. You might be stocking them up from every vitamin shop or grocery store. You are also getting prescriptions from your doctor about them.
  • Don’t worry if you still don’t feel like pregnant. Fatigue and tender breasts are something you may have got now.
  • You must be recommended to stop drinking and smoking.

Cramping might be the most common issue that is causing hurdles in your aim to chill out. You may have plenty of cramping. You may have pain around your back and through your abdomen. Since your baby is around a millimeter long, it might be very tiny and hard to see. The early shapes of torso and head as well as the little limb buds may be starting to develop with heart and other internal organs. The small heart will start flickering by next week on sonogram. On the fifth week it is way too small to be visible even on the best sonographic equipment.

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