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Week Four Pregnancy

The Baby –

  • Still a small point less than a millimeter
  • Implanted perfectly in the uterus lining
  • Three different layers of cells are growing already in that tiny millimeter – the endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm
  • This is the beginning of her hair, skin, nervous system, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, liver, skeleton, thyroid, connective tissues, muscles, and blood system.

You –

  • Might be wondering why the period hasn’t come yet.
  • Testing your pregnancy again using test kits

You will finally miss the period around the end of fourth week. Don’t believe what the test kits say as only a few women know the positive result a day before missing the period. A lot of pregnant women reported clear positive results around 1 to 5 days after missing their periods.

The point is – you should retest once you have missed the period if you have to test early. Sore breasts are the very common sign of pregnancy. But they are also the symptoms of other conditions like PMS. But those sore breasts are different, i.e. heavy, burny or stabby. In case of PMS, those breasts ache.  The headaches, fatigue, uterine cramping and backaches are some of the common signs.

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