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Week Thirty-six Pregnancy

The Baby –

  • Is now freaking 6 pounds. You may have already bought clothes that can easily fit a baby who weighs 6 pounds. 
  • Is still not matured fully. Lungs need a few more weeks to mature. 
  • The baby’s size will displace amniotic fluid over the last few weeks. Fluid is reabsorbed in your body and you may feel different movements of your baby. You may not feel so many kicks or sensations as you were before. It is mostly due to less fluid and cramped quarters. 

You –

  • Gained up to 30 pounds. 

There are just four weeks left for the due date. The weight of the baby shifts down and relieves some shortness of breath related to the upward growth of the uterus. You might be feeling that you have enough wind for a marathon to run. There is only a small space left for storage in the bladder. The fetus keeps collecting fat with dimpling beginning on the elbows and knees. 

Multiples will weigh around 5 pounds at the moment. On average, the twins weigh around 5 pounds 5 ounces and are born from week 36 to 37. Your body might be having some rapid changes. The weight of the baby might be shifting down and you might be facing Braxton Hicks contractions more often. In the last month, increased fluid retention and blood pressure are also common. But your doctor can watch it closely with signs of preeclampsia. 

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