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Week Twenty-five Pregnancy

The Baby –

  • Weighs more than 1 and ½ pounds and grown up to 13.5 inches 
  • Growing more hair with different texture and color

You –

  • Uterus with almost the size of soccer ball
  • May have experienced a decent rise in belly size over the past couple of weeks 
  • Experience uterine contractions
  • Planning childbirth education classes. 

In the 25th week, the spine keeps strengthening. The spine would be made up of 150 joints, 100 ligaments and 33 rings once complete. The process may seem complex but the female body gets all the guidelines down. Lungs start growing with blood vessels going through lung tissues. Nostrils are closed till this point but they start opening a little bit. 

Now the belly is raised to a decent size. You may feel different when others think baby bumps are cute. The pressure on lower back muscles, ligaments, and joints cause pain regularly. So, you should take warm baths and rest properly to ease the pain. Though there are still 15 weeks to go, the uterus starts labor before your baby is ready. It is known as preterm labor which is especially risky when there are multiples. Pressure in the pelvic area, periods like cramping and contractions of the uterus are some of the common signs. 

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