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Reconstructive Urology

Reconstructive Urology

Men who are suffering from trauma after a major accident or surgery or suffering bladder control problems like incontinence and overactive bladder (OAB) need not worry as there are effective treatments for that. We offer male genitourinary reconstruction treatment better known as male reconstructive urology for such conditions. Both the structure and function of the genitourinary tract can be restored by our reconstructive urology procedures, which is a specialized field of urology. In addition to post-accidental or surgery related trauma, our reconstructive surgery is also meant for those who have undergone prostate procedures, or are coping with disease, obstructions and blockages like urethral strictures.

Best in class facility

Mannat Fertility has the best reconstructive urologist team for urological surgery wherein we treat a wide range of conditions including the urinary bladder, ureters (connecting the kidneys to the urinary bladder) and genitalia. Our facilities offer top class hospital settings where we carry out these procedures allowing us to carefully assess the patient’s condition. This helps us determine the kind of surgical intervention that is needed for treatment and management of the specific condition of the patient. We take utmost care of the patient’s general health and urological issues and watch out for possible risks and contraindications.

Different types of treatments

Our reconstructive urologic surgery is designed to offer immediate treatment for accidental cases which need to be attended to on priority. There are other critical treatments for urological conditions covering pediatric reconstructive surgery which corrects a birth defect where the urethra doesn’t end at the tip of the penis. In such cases, it is found on the underside, middle or bottom of the penis while in more severe cases it could be found in or behind the scrotum. We have corrected this deformity with the least possible inconvenience in many men who came with different variations of this deformity.

Treatment for sex organ deformities

Many also men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which them from developing or sustaining an erection of their penis during sexual intercourse. Our reconstructive surgery has successfully revived the erection intensity of scores of patients who are now enjoying healthy sexual lives. Another penile condition is when a lump develops in the penis as a result of injury suffered during sexual intercourse. This condition is also known as Peyronie’s Disease and our experts have also successfully removed such lumps on the penis of many men. There are many parameters of a patient that needs steady and continuous monitoring for reconstructive urology procedures in a multi-specialty setup which Mannat Fertility provides.

Solution of common health

Frequently Questions

Many male and female both have to face various problems in the urinary tract. To cure these urinary disorders, urology is the best choice. Problems in the urinary tract are common nowadays. The doctors are known as “urologists” in the case of urology. Urologists are experts in treating the urinary system which includes: • Kidney • Bladder • Ureter • Adrenal glands • Urethra

To cure urinary problems in both male and female, urology comes into existence. A urine test is commonly known as “urinalysis” in the case of urology. Urinalysis can be done whether there is a problem or not in your body. Through this test, the doctor can determine the bacteria, blood cells and foreign substances in the kidney etc.

There are different methods to check different parts of our body. Urologists use the Cystoscopy process to check the bladder in your body. The doctor checks the bladder through a Cystoscopy to determine the border of your bladder and urethra. In the process of Cystoscopy, a cystoscope (contain lens) placed slowly into your urethra and then into your bladder.