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Endoscopy Test

Endoscopy Test

One of the most common causes of male infertility is varicoceles, which is a condition where the veins that drain blood from the testicles get dilated. Varicoceles usually develop in men after puberty but in many cases they are not detected till problems with fertility arise followed by an evaluation. It is not necessary to treat all types of varicoceles but when you experience infertility our experts may recommend an examination before treatment. Varicoceles are not a threat to your health but if left untreated, they can cause infertility over time. Hence a surgery involving endoscopy for male infertility is necessary to prevent the condition from getting worse when recovery of sperm could become even more difficult.

The varicocele surgery procedure involves use of the most advanced equipment and techniques and is normally done as an outpatient procedure. Our surgeon will just make a small incision below your groin and you will hardly feel any discomfort as the surgery will be performed under local or general anesthesia. In order to locate and preserve the tiny arteries that transport blood to the testes our experts might use a microscope. Another method of repairing varicoceles is with the use of laparoscopy wherein our experts will insert a fine tube fitted with a video camera through a small incision in your abdominal area.

We usually suggest endoscopy for male infertility when general infertility tests prove inadequate. It could begin with laparoscopy done under anesthesia following the method mentioned above that helps our experts observe your testes. It turns out that over 35% of male infertility cases are due to the incidence of varicoceles and hence we recommend treatment to men whose semen analysis indicates that they have clinically palpable varicoceles. We normally conduct the physical examination of such patients in a warm room and we recommend surgical repair if they are found to have clinical varicoceles with azoospermia.

Our endoscopy processes are based on the detailed medical history and identification of prognostic factors. Surgical outcomes depend on how critical are the intervals in obstruction after vasectomy and we don’t rule out a new attempt at vasectomy even if you have had a history of an earlier vasectomy. The microsurgical skills of our experts and the quality of sperm in your intravasal fluid are the most crucial factors that determine the type of reconstructive technique we adopt for you. The varicocele surgery cost at Mannat Fertility is absolutely reasonable and the successes we achieve are due to our close attention to surgical details.

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Frequently Questions

Endoscopy is mainly used to determine digestive problems inside the body without any surgery. It is done by an endoscope (it is a flexible tube). Along with camera and light, a doctor will see the picture inside the stomach on T.V. The cost of endoscopy is different according to the types and problems. Cost also depends upon the services provided by the centre/clinic.

If you are going for an endoscopy then you have to keep your stomach empty. In other words, you have to keep your stomach empty for 8 hours before endoscopy. However, you can drink water 4 hours before the process of endoscopy. But, don’t eat anything if you are going to diagnose digestive problems through endoscopy.

Endoscopy is the best way to determine the exact problem in your stomach. A doctor basically uses upper GI endoscopy to detect digestion related problem like as: • Ulcers • Celiac diseases • Swelling • Oesophagus related problems • Symptoms of cancer • Gastroesophageal related problems • Any blockages • Inflammation • Anaemia • Tumours Above are those problems that are directly related to the digestive system.