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Story of an MCMA Twin Delivery

I was approached by a patient who was not able concieve a baby for almost 10 years. After a determined effort of IVF, the patients concieved twins. It was confirmed it's a Monochorionic, Diamniotic Twins (MCDA) pregnancy (the foetus share the same placenta) following the booking scan, a 1 in 1000 occurrence. 18 weeks into the pregnancy, a further anamoly scan was performed, where a twin to twin transfusion syndrome was suspected, another rare occurrence in twin pregnancies. There was a high chance the pregnancy would fail, however I was hopeful. I referred the patient to Dr. Suresh, one of the country's best neonatologist where the patient underwent a radioablation therapy procedure. The procedure went successfully and the patient was all set for a planned C-section on the 34th week of her pregnancy. A week prior to this, the patient attended the clinic where severe IUGR was diagnosed. The fetuses were in distress and the patient required an emergency delivery. I transferred the patient to Rainbow children hospital immediately for an emergency C-section and the patient delivered two healthy male babies.